Moved Alarm Browser to fragment. Fixed bug introduced with submenu (selected item...
[public/netxms.git] / android / src / console / AndroidManifest.xml
2013-03-08  Marco IncalcaterraMoved Alarm Browser to fragment. Fixed bug introduced...
2013-03-05  Marco IncalcaterraRemoved legacy node info (tabbed section). Added new...
2013-03-03  Marco IncalcaterraFix for issue #243. Intermediate commit for first worki...
2013-02-14  Marco IncalcaterraChanged name
2013-02-11  Marco IncalcaterraShow Geolocation info
2013-01-01  Marco Incalcaterra(no commit message)
2012-10-09  Marco Incalcaterra(no commit message)
2012-10-07  Marco IncalcaterraImplementation of connection scheduler
2012-08-28  Marco IncalcaterraImplementation of top nodes container status (icon...
2012-08-24  Marco IncalcaterraMultiple selection for actions on alarms list. Sort...
2012-07-24  Victor Kirhenshteinvarious minor fixes
2012-07-12  Alex KirhenshteinMissing NXApplication added
2012-07-11  Alex KirhenshteinAutomated crash reporting added (to Google Doc spreadsheet)
2012-06-27  Victor Kirhenshteinimplemented last value view for table DCI (temporary...
2012-06-27  Victor Kirhenshteinimplemented node poll; added reconnect option in menu
2012-06-21  Marco IncalcaterraVersion 1.2.2
2012-06-15  Alex KirhenshteinDashboardLayout added
2012-06-15  Victor Kirhenshteinvarious fixes
2012-06-14  Victor Kirhenshteinintermediate commit
2012-06-14  Victor Kirhenshteinmobile dasboards - intermediate commit
2012-06-14  Alex KirhenshteinDashboard element on home screen
2012-06-13  Victor Kirhenshteinimplemented bar charts and pie charts
2012-06-08  Victor Kirhenshteinminor fixes
2012-05-21  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed Java client crash when using AES-256; android...
2012-04-26  Marco IncalcaterraNode info stuff
2012-04-10  Alex Kirhenshteinbuild process now non-windows specific
2012-03-24  Marco IncalcaterraDebug flag on (to debug on real device).
2012-03-14  Marco IncalcaterraRefactoring of MAC address search (Connection Point)
2012-03-12  Victor Kirhenshteinintent filter not needed here
2012-03-12  Victor Kirhenshteinadded integration with ZXing Barcode Scanner
2012-03-12  Marco IncalcaterraSupport for MAC address search
2012-02-26  Marco IncalcaterraAdded activity stuff for predefined graphs
2012-02-14  Marco IncalcaterraDefinition for BOOT_COMPLETED intent.
2012-01-16  Victor Kirhenshteincontributed history graphs in android client
2011-09-15  Victor Kirhenshteinminor changes; created key store for publishing
2011-09-04  Victor KirhenshteinNode browser look improved; better look on 3.x tablets...
2011-08-01  Victor Kirhenshteinminor refactoring; action execution moved to async...
2011-07-29  Victor Kirhenshteinvisual appearance improved; layout of screens restructured
2011-07-28  Igor KopmanImplemented last values view
2011-07-27  Igor KopmanHomescreen:
2011-07-27  Victor Kirhenshteinconnect task changed to simple thread from asynctask...
2011-07-26  Igor KopmanAlarm list implemented (severity, message, source ...
2011-07-22  Victor Kirhenshteinminor changes
2011-01-15  Victor Kirhenshteinmore work on android client
2011-01-14  Victor Kirhenshteininitial version of android client