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2012-05-22  Victor KirhenshteinMIB collection updated
2012-04-27  Victor Kirhenshteinimplemented dashboard export
2012-03-07  Victor Kirhenshteinminor changes
2012-02-23  Victor Kirhenshteinsome HP MIBs added
2012-02-04  Victor Kirhenshteinnew mibs added
2011-12-29  Victor KirhenshteinCISCO-STACK-MIB added, dependency MIBs updated as necessary
2011-11-23  Victor KirhenshteinJUNIPER-IVE-MIB added
2011-10-20  Victor Kirhenshteinupdated S5-CHASSIS-MIB
2011-10-12  Victor Kirhenshteinsnmp udp transport changed to support AS/400; new MIBs...
2011-10-04  Victor KirhenshteinmcData FC switch MIB added; small fixes
2011-10-04  Victor Kirhenshteindasboard editor improved; more debug added to the serve...
2011-08-30  Victor Kirhenshteincode refactoring; unfinished cluster resource onfigurat...
2011-07-17  Victor Kirhenshteinrapid city mib updated, dependencies added
2011-05-13  Victor KirhenshteinPolycom MIB added
2011-04-07  Victor Kirhenshtein802.1x mib updated to most recent version
2011-04-03  Victor Kirhenshteinmore cisco mibs added; fixed mib download
2011-03-17  Victor Kirhenshteinmultiple minor improvements
2011-01-31  Victor KirhenshteinVRRP mib added
2011-01-09  Victor Kirhenshteinfixes in topology discovery; new mibs added
2011-01-06  Victor KirhenshteinLLDPv2 MIBs added
2010-12-16  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed bug im mib compiler; new mibs added
2010-08-19  Victor KirhenshteinAsterisk mib added
2010-08-10  Victor Kirhenshteinmib compiler: fixed bug in import resolution; NetWare...
2010-08-09  Victor Kirhenshteinmib compiler: fixed incorrect parsing when OBJECT IDENT...
2009-12-02  Victor KirhenshteinDB access code moved to separate library
2009-09-02  Victor Kirhenshteinminor changes
2009-05-02  Alex KirhenshteinReverted to r3750
2009-05-01  Alex KirhenshteinSynced
2008-12-29  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed linux compilation issues
2008-08-18  Victor Kirhenshteinmore standard MIBs added
2008-05-14  Alex Kirhenshteinimported svn:keywords properties
2008-05-14  Alex Kirhenshteineol-style changed to native
2008-02-05  Victor KirhenshteinNew MIBs added
2008-02-05  Victor KirhenshteinNew MIBs added
2007-07-02  Victor Kirhenshtein- New MIB added: FIBRE-CHANNEL-FE-MIB.txt
2007-04-24  Victor Kirhenshtein- Various fixes
2007-03-21  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated to newer version
2006-08-25  Victor KirhenshteinNew version of PowerNet-MIB
2006-08-24  Victor KirhenshteinNew MIB added
2006-07-29  Victor KirhenshteinPreparation for layer 2 topology support
2006-05-30  Victor KirhenshteinENTITY-MIB added
2006-03-29  Victor KirhenshteinNew misc. MIB added
2006-03-27  Victor KirhenshteinVarious new MIBs added
2006-02-16  Victor KirhenshteinNetscreen (now Juniper) MIBs added
2005-11-01  Victor KirhenshteinAdded IEEE 802.11 MIB
2005-10-18  Victor KirhenshteinNortel Networks (former Bay Networks, former Synoptics...
2005-10-17  Victor KirhenshteinSome errors in typedefs corrected
2005-10-14  Victor Kirhenshtein- MIB compiler almost completely rewritten
2005-10-12  Victor Kirhenshtein- MIB tree save and load implemented
2005-10-11  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added Veritas Backup Exec MIB (ARCADA-MIB)
2005-10-11  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2005-10-10  Victor KirhenshteinAdded RFC 1212 MIB
2005-10-07  Victor KirhenshteinPowerNet (APC) MIB added
2005-10-07  Victor KirhenshteinUPS MIB added
2005-10-07  Victor KirhenshteinPrinter MIB added
2005-10-05  Victor KirhenshteinAdded BGP4 MIB
2005-09-01  Victor KirhenshteinBridge MIB added
2005-08-29  Victor KirhenshteinAdded MIBs for Nokia IPSO
2005-06-16  Victor KirhenshteinNew MIBs added
2005-05-25  Alex Kirhenshteinmibs/images added to EXTRA_DIST => make dist fixed
2005-05-25  Alex Kirhenshtein* images/mibs installed with "make install"
2005-03-08  Victor KirhenshteinMore Cisco MIBs added
2005-03-08  Victor KirhenshteinVarious Cisco MIBs added
2005-01-31  Victor KirhenshteinOSPF MIB added
2005-01-21  Victor KirhenshteinInitial MIB import