configuration parameter DBWriter.MaxRecordsPerTransaction added to database
[public/netxms.git] / src / client /
2017-10-23  Eriks JenkevicsAdded comparator for History Table; Implemented functio...
2017-10-20  zevMacross expansion refactoring
2017-10-14  Victor Kirhenshteinprotocol version changed
2017-10-08  Victor KirhenshteinWindows projects converted to Visual Studio 2017
2017-10-05  zevImplemented default column sorting option for summary...
2017-10-04  Victor KirhenshteinNXCP message deserialization fails completely in case...
2017-10-04  Eriks JenkevicsImplemented service components map as dashboard element...
2017-10-04  Eriks JenkevicsImplemented seperate access rights for reading Agent...
2017-10-03  Victor Kirhenshteinmin/max calls replaced with std::min/std::max
2017-09-25  zevRework of status flags, dynimic flag ordering fix
2017-09-22  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed Windows build using makefiles
2017-09-21  zevFixed merge mistakes
2017-09-21  zevReworked Node flags. Instance, status and configuration...
2017-09-15  Victor Kirhenshteinadded option to pass system jars in call to CreateJavaV...
2017-09-15  Victor Kirhenshteinadded Base Library plugin
2017-09-15  Victor Kirhenshteinnetxms-base jar moved to common sources from client
2017-09-15  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed UI plugin for client library
2017-09-15  Victor KirhenshteinJava client libraries moved to src/client and included...
2017-09-14  Eriks JenkevicsImplemented Debug Tag functionality
2017-09-07  Alex KirhenshteinJython upgraded
2017-09-04  zevRemoved language.settings.xml eclipse file from repository
2017-08-17  Victor Kirhenshteinversion number updated 3.0-M0
2017-08-05  Victor Kirhenshteinall common code for running Java parts from C++ process...
2017-07-20  Victor Kirhenshteinadditional debug
2017-07-18  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed Windows build errors
2017-07-03  Victor Kirhenshteinversion number updated
2017-06-26  Victor Kirhenshteinnxshell can connect to server on non-standard port
2017-06-26  Victor Kirhenshteinminor fix
2017-06-26  Victor Kirhenshteinadditional debug in nxshell
2017-06-24  Victor Kirhenshteinmore Windows makefiles added
2017-06-14  Victor Kirhenshteinprojects updated to Eclipse Oxygen format
2017-06-07  Victor Kirhenshteinproject settings updated to Eclipse Oxygen
2017-05-11  Victor Kirhenshteinversion number updated
2017-04-28  Victor Kirhenshteinimproved JRE detection
2017-03-16  Victor Kirhenshteinversion number updated
2017-03-05  Victor Kirhenshteinworking certificate issuing for agents
2017-03-01  Victor Kirhenshteinadded extra memory to maven in nxshell makefile
2017-03-01  Victor Kirhenshteincommand line tools no longer blocks SIGINT; nxshell...
2017-01-30  zevFixed nxshell imports
2017-01-09  Victor KirhenshteinJava sources removed from source dist package
2017-01-09  Victor Kirhenshteinnxshell launcher added to Windows build
2017-01-09  Victor Kirhenshteinadded launcher for nxshell
2017-01-09  Victor Kirhenshteinsource tree rearrange: nxshell moved
2016-11-29  Eriks JenkevicsRenamed field VID_SUBMAP_ID to VID_DRILL_DOWN_OBJECT_ID
2016-11-21  Eriks JenkevicsFixed Command tools returned error codes Fixes #106
2016-06-29  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed Visual Studio compilation warnings
2016-02-26  Victor Kirhenshteinadded common debug output function nxlog_debug
2016-02-25  Marco IncalcaterraMerge branch 'develop' of
2016-02-11  Victor Kirhenshteincommon process init function for all NetXMS processes...
2016-02-08  Victor Kirhenshteinnew agent parameter handler return code: RC_NO_SUCH_INS...
2015-12-21  Victor Kirhenshteinrelated DCI ID field added to events and alarms
2015-11-30  Alex Kirhenshteinminor warnings removed
2015-10-24  Victor Kirhenshteinmore project files added
2015-07-12  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed clang warnings
2015-07-05  Victor Kirhenshteinadded data type and description fields in config table...
2015-06-15  Victor Kirhenshteinimplemented single housekeeping thread for all message...
2015-06-05  Victor KirhenshteinforEach calls refactored to return _STOP/_CONTINUE...
2015-05-19  Victor KirhenshteinTimestamp can be provided in nxpush
2015-04-14  Victor Kirhenshteinadded client protocol component versions
2015-03-13  Victor Kirhenshteinminor fixes
2015-03-10  AlexHP-UX fixes
2015-01-03  Victor Kirhenshteincosmetic refactoring
2014-12-28  Victor KirhenshteinString class refactored; background log writer option...
2014-12-04  Victor Kirhenshteinfixes in new client library
2014-12-04  Victor Kirhenshteinall command line client tools converted to new client...
2014-12-04  Victor Kirhenshteinnew C++ client library included in UNIX build
2014-12-03  Victor Kirhenshteininitial version of new C++ client library; nxpush conve...
2014-11-12  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed build errors
2014-11-12  Victor KirhenshteinCode page option added to all client command line tools...
2014-10-20  Victor KirhenshteinLegacy console sources removed
2014-10-17  Victor Kirhenshteinadded option to install session agent in agent installer
2014-10-05  Marco IncalcaterraMerge branch 'develop' of
2014-09-22  Victor Kirhenshteinadded commands add-comment and get-comments in nxalarm
2014-09-19  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed client build errors
2014-08-26  Victor Kirhenshteinimplemented new DCI source "NXSL script"
2014-08-06  Victor Kirhenshteinminor changes
2014-08-03  Victor Kirhenshtein- Instance display name for DCIs created via instance...
2014-07-25  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed Java 1.6 compatibility error; version number...
2014-06-20  Victor Kirhenshtein"last value" gauges can show text values
2014-06-19  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed bug in non-UNICODE build
2014-06-02  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed invalid query in DCI aggregation functions; nxeve...
2014-05-18  Victor Kirhenshteinpreparation for release 1.2.14
2014-05-06  Victor Kirhenshteinintermediate release
2014-04-13  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed build errors
2014-04-09  Victor Kirhenshteinvpn connector objects shown in Java UI; other minor...
2014-03-20  Victor Kirhenshteinpreparation for 1.2.13 release
2014-03-07  Victor KirhenshteinAdded support for sticky acknowledge in C client librar...
2014-02-20  Victor KirhenshteinMerge branch 'master' into fis
2014-02-17  Victor KirhenshteinMerge branch 'develop'
2014-02-16  Victor Kirhenshteinnetsvc subagent included into Windows build; 1.2.12...
2014-02-02  Victor KirhenshteinMerge branch 'ups-metasys-driver' into develop
2014-01-29  Marco IncalcaterraMerge branch 'develop' of
2014-01-29  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed issues identified by static code analyzer
2014-01-29  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed issues identified by static code analyzer
2014-01-14  Victor Kirhenshteinpreparation for 1.2.11 release
2014-01-04  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed various Solaris build issues
2013-12-25  Victor Kirhenshteinimplemented thresholds as NXSL scripts
2013-12-18  Victor Kirhenshteinclient proxy builds on UNIX
2013-12-18  Victor Kirhenshteinclient proxy implemented
2013-12-12  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed regexp for DRBR; fixes in installers