fixed some Windows makefile build issues; added code signing to Windows makefiles
[public/netxms.git] / include / nxqueue.h
2015-06-18  Victor Kirhenshteinimplemented thread pool shrink
2015-06-05  Victor KirhenshteinQueue class can shrink buffer; cosmetic code refactoring
2013-12-03  Victor Kirhenshteinsyslog message write to database optimized
2013-06-13  Victor Kirhenshteincode refactoring; preparation for supporting tables...
2012-06-20  Victor KirhenshteinMAC address search improved; fixed issues with node...
2011-11-11  Victor Kirhenshteinremoved "timeout" argument from MutexLock call
2011-02-03  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed bug in Queue::Insert; network discovery performan...
2010-09-21  Victor Kirhenshteinlicense headers in libnetxms changed to LGPL
2008-06-21  Victor Kirhenshteinminor bugfixes in trap sender
2007-03-01  Victor Kirhenshtein- Performance view half-working
2006-11-20  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added support for GNU Pth
2006-01-20  Victor KirhenshteinClasses Serial and Queue moved to libnetxms
2004-11-12  Victor KirhenshteinVarious changes (see previous commits)
2004-09-07  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added method Queue::Clear()
2004-08-04  Victor KirhenshteinQueue class moved from server code to libnxcscp (not...