debug tags updated
[public/netxms.git] / src / db / libnxdb / dbcp.cpp
2017-10-13  Victor Kirhenshteindebug tags updated
2017-10-03  Victor Kirhenshteinmin/max calls replaced with std::min/std::max
2017-09-26  Victor Kirhenshteinset thread names in server
2017-09-14  Eriks JenkevicsImplemented Debug Tag functionality
2017-06-19  Victor Kirhenshteinadded convenience wrapper methods ObjectArray::sort...
2016-02-26  Victor Kirhenshteinadded common debug output function nxlog_debug
2015-11-11  Victor Kirhenshteinremoved global DB connection handle; DB prefix added...
2015-09-24  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed for older versions of HP aCC compiler
2015-08-05  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed bugs detected by clng analyzer
2015-03-02  Victor Kirhenshteinimproved DB connection usage and reconnect logic
2014-12-14  Victor Kirhenshteinchanged exhausted db connection pool handling
2014-02-20  Victor KirhenshteinMerge branch 'master' into fis
2014-02-17  Victor KirhenshteinMerge branch 'develop'
2014-02-12  Victor Kirhenshteinadditional db connection pool debug
2014-01-24  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed memory leak and potential crash on db pool expans...
2014-01-23  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed memory leak and potential crash on db pool expans...
2013-11-07  Alex KirhenshteinCRLF/LF fixed(?)
2013-10-18  Victor Kirhenshteinimproved db connection pool implementation
2011-11-11  Victor Kirhenshteinremoved "timeout" argument from MutexLock call
2011-07-31  Victor Kirhenshteinchanges in DB API: added option to set default schema...
2011-02-23  Victor KirhenshteinDB driver api changed: added error text to DBConnect...
2010-12-12  Victor Kirhenshteinlibnxsl, libnxdb, libnxsrv, nxget, and nxdbmgr are...
2010-09-22  Victor Kirhenshteinlicense for libnxdb and libnxsrv changed to LGPL
2009-12-09  Victor Kirhenshteinadded support for miltiple db drivers within one process
2009-12-02  Victor KirhenshteinDB access code moved to separate library