Queue class declaration
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2004-06-02  Victor Kirhenshtein- Password change for users implemented
2004-06-02  Victor Kirhenshtein- User delete implemented
2004-06-01  Victor KirhenshteinAlmost full support for user management (lack support...
2004-06-01  Victor KirhenshteinUnfinished user and group properties dialogs
2004-06-01  Victor KirhenshteinWin32 startup program for console
2004-05-31  Victor Kirhenshtein- User management improvements
2004-05-30  Victor KirhenshteinBug fixes
2004-05-30  Victor KirhenshteinAdded async commonication functions
2004-05-28  Victor Kirhenshtein- Changed to use new version of client library
2004-05-28  Victor KirhenshteinAdopted for new client library
2004-05-27  Victor KirhenshteinBug fixes and improvements in user management code
2004-05-26  Victor Kirhenshtein- Object rights assignment fully working
2004-05-25  Victor KirhenshteinIcon for "Everyone" group
2004-05-25  Victor KirhenshteinObject rights assignment almost working
2004-05-24  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added user database loading
2004-05-24  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added support for object modification from client
2004-05-20  Victor KirhenshteinUnfinished "Object Properties" dialog
2004-05-19  Victor KirhenshteinStart implementing object properties dialog
2004-05-13  Victor KirhenshteinObject browser now fully functional
2004-05-12  Victor KirhenshteinList view mode in object browser completely working
2004-05-12  Victor KirhenshteinIcons for sort mode indication
2004-05-12  Victor KirhenshteinList view mode in object browser almost finished
2004-05-11  Victor KirhenshteinIntermediate commit (unfinished changes in object brows...
2004-05-11  Victor KirhenshteinUnfinished list mode for object browser
2004-05-11  Victor Kirhenshtein+ Dynamic updates completely working in Object Browser
2004-05-09  Victor KirhenshteinChanges in object update code
2004-05-08  Victor KirhenshteinIntermediate commit
2004-05-07  Victor Kirhenshtein- Object browser improved
2004-05-06  Victor KirhenshteinNew object classes OBJECT_LOCATION and OBJECT_ZONE...
2004-05-06  Victor KirhenshteinPreview pane in object browser added
2004-05-06  Victor KirhenshteinUnfinished changes in object browser
2004-05-05  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2004-05-04  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added support for client library debug output
2004-05-03  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2004-03-25  Victor KirhenshteinAdded call to NXCModifyEventTemplate()
2004-03-18  Victor KirhenshteinEvent editing dialog added
2004-03-17  Victor KirhenshteinChanges in event configuration
2004-03-16  Victor KirhenshteinEvent editor added
2004-03-16  Victor KirhenshteinNew debug code added
2004-03-15  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2004-02-27  Victor KirhenshteinInitial commit of Windows client
2004-02-27  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2004-02-24  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2004-02-20  Victor KirhenshteinDebug code added
2004-02-19  Victor KirhenshteinAdded debugging for event log loading
2004-02-11  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2004-02-10  Victor KirhenshteinFirst version of command line client [Victor]