Queue class declaration
[public/netxms.git] / src / libnxcl /
2004-06-02  Victor KirhenshteinNew message CMD_SET_PASSWORD added
2004-06-01  Victor KirhenshteinUser management functions fully working
2004-05-31  Victor Kirhenshtein- User management functions added
2004-05-31  Victor KirhenshteinOutdated modules removed from Makefile.am
2004-05-30  Victor KirhenshteinBug fixes
2004-05-28  Victor KirhenshteinFixed bugs in NXCConnect() and NXCSyncObjects()
2004-05-28  Victor KirhenshteinAll async stuff was dropped away
2004-05-28  Victor KirhenshteinLinked against new CSCP API library
2004-05-27  Victor KirhenshteinBug fixes in user management code
2004-05-26  Victor KirhenshteinAdded support for user management
2004-05-25  Victor KirhenshteinUser DB management improved
2004-05-24  Victor KirhenshteinAdded user database loading
2004-05-24  Victor KirhenshteinAdded support for object modification
2004-05-13  Victor KirhenshteinAdded function NXCFindObjectByName()
2004-05-12  Alex Kirhenshtein+ Makefile.am for libnxcl
2004-05-11  Victor Kirhenshtein+ Added function NXCLockObjectIndex()
2004-05-11  Victor KirhenshteinPassing appropriate parameter to ConditionCreate()
2004-05-07  Victor KirhenshteinAdded client notification when object changes
2004-05-05  Victor KirhenshteinChild objects list now sent in CMD_OBJECT and CMD_OBJEC...
2004-05-03  Victor KirhenshteinAdded support for CMD_OBJECT_UPDATE message
2004-04-30  Victor KirhenshteinNow can be compiled on Linux
2004-04-30  Victor KirhenshteinSimple makefile added
2004-04-26  Victor Kirhenshteinlibnmsutil and libnxagent was consolidated into single...
2004-04-26  Victor KirhenshteinUsed LIBNXCL_EXPORTABLE instead of EXPORTABLE
2004-04-08  Victor KirhenshteinFixed bugs with memory deallocation in event template...
2004-03-25  Victor KirhenshteinAdded NXCModifyEventTemplate() function
2004-03-24  Victor Kirhenshtein- Macros for NXCRequest() converted to inline functions
2004-03-22  Victor KirhenshteinAdded support for setting event information
2004-03-16  Victor KirhenshteinAdded processing of CMD_OBJECT_UPDATE message
2004-03-16  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added support for opening event configuration database
2004-03-15  Victor KirhenshteinUnfinished changes in library structure
2004-03-15  Victor KirhenshteinUser's password now transmitted as SHA1 hash
2004-02-27  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2004-02-24  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2004-02-20  Victor KirhenshteinAdded receiving events in raw data messages
2004-02-20  Victor KirhenshteinChanges to reflect new CSCP message format
2004-02-19  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added support for events
2004-02-14  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2004-02-11  Victor KirhenshteinAdded function LinkObject(): restore object child links...
2004-02-11  Victor KirhenshteinFile comm.cpp was missing from previous commit
2004-02-11  Victor Kirhenshtein- Implemented object loading from server
2004-02-10  Victor Kirhenshtein- Receiver code changed to use RecvCSCPMessage()
2004-02-06  Victor KirhenshteinUnfinished object receiving code
2004-02-03  Victor KirhenshteinMultiple unfinished changes
2004-01-30  Victor KirhenshteinAdded function to establish connection with server
2004-01-30  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes in client library
2004-01-27  Victor KirhenshteinWork on client library started [Victor]