Queue class declaration
[public/netxms.git] / src / server /
2004-06-02  Victor KirhenshteinQueue class declaration
2004-06-02  Victor KirhenshteinAdded queue.cpp and Makefile.am modified accordingly
2004-06-02  Victor KirhenshteinQueue class implementation moved back to core server...
2004-06-02  Victor KirhenshteinPassword change for users implemented
2004-06-01  Victor KirhenshteinFull support for user management from clients
2004-06-01  Victor KirhenshteinModifyUser() and ModifyGroup() functions added
2004-05-31  Victor KirhenshteinUnfinished code for handling CMD_MODIFY_USER requests
2004-05-28  Victor Kirhenshtein- Login sequence changed
2004-05-28  Victor KirhenshteinSendAllEvents() now respond with CMD_REQUEST_COMPLETE...
2004-05-28  Victor Kirhenshteinlibnxcscp added to Makefile.am
2004-05-28  Victor KirhenshteinLinked against new CSCP API library
2004-05-28  Victor KirhenshteinAdded client notification on user database changes
2004-05-27  Victor KirhenshteinBug fixes in user management code
2004-05-26  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added user database locking/unlocking
2004-05-25  Victor Kirhenshtein- All objects now can save and load access lists
2004-05-24  Victor KirhenshteinAdded sending of user database to client
2004-05-24  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added support for object modification from client
2004-05-22  Victor KirhenshteinIsStandalone() now works correctly under UNIX
2004-05-20  Victor KirhenshteinVarious configuration options and #if's added to allow...
2004-05-19  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added configuration checks for Solaris
2004-05-16  Victor KirhenshteinFixed bug with threads synchronization in SNMP code
2004-05-15  Victor Kirhenshtein+ Added support for readline() in standalone mode
2004-05-15  Victor Kirhenshtein+ Added command line interface for standalone mode...
2004-05-15  Victor Kirhenshtein+ Check for header file net/if_arp.h added to configure.ac
2004-05-15  Victor Kirhenshtein- netinfo.cpp added to Makefile.am
2004-05-15  Victor KirhenshteinGetLocalInterfaceList() and GetLocalArp() moved to...
2004-05-15  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2004-05-15  Victor KirhenshteinAdded experimental code for retrieving interface list...
2004-05-14  Victor KirhenshteinAdded command line option --debug-init
2004-05-14  Victor Kirhenshtein#include <mysql/mysql.h> was bad for windows
2004-05-14  Victor KirhenshteinAll SQL queries inside server code reviewed
2004-05-14  Victor KirhenshteinImplemented WriteLog() under UNIX
2004-05-14  Victor Kirhenshtein#include <mysql.h> changed to #include<mysql/mysql.h>
2004-05-13  Victor Kirhenshteinmessages.c added to Makefile.am
2004-05-12  Alex Kirhenshtein+ auto* temp files ignored from now on
2004-05-11  Alex Kirhenshtein+ Makefile.am for db drivers: mysql, postgres
2004-05-11  Alex Kirhenshtein+ /usr/local/include and /usr/kerberos/include added...
2004-05-11  Victor KirhenshteinPassing appropriate parameter to ConditionCreate()
2004-05-11  Alex Kirhenshtein+ conditions should work
2004-05-07  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2004-05-05  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2004-05-05  Victor KirhenshteinChild object's list now send in CMD_OBJECT and CMD_OBJE...
2004-05-04  Victor KirhenshteinIf management node has multiple interfaces, system...
2004-05-03  Victor Kirhenshtein- Executable name and project file names changed
2004-04-30  Victor KirhenshteinMySQL driver now compiles under Linux
2004-04-30  Victor KirhenshteinSimple Makefile added
2004-04-30  Victor KirhenshteinSimple makefile added
2004-04-30  Victor KirhenshteinNow can be compiled under Linux
2004-04-28  Victor KirhenshteinFunction IcmpPing() moved from server core to libnetxms
2004-04-28  Victor KirhenshteinCosmetic changes
2004-04-28  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added command line option -w (command timeout)
2004-04-28  Victor KirhenshteinAdded support for protocol trace option
2004-04-27  Victor Kirhenshtein- UNIX Makefile added
2004-04-27  Victor KirhenshteinWorking version of nxget
2004-04-27  Victor KirhenshteinInitial version of nxget
2004-04-26  Alex KirhenshteinRestored deleted file...
2004-04-26  Victor Kirhenshteinlibnmsutil and libnxagent was consolidated into single...
2004-04-26  Victor Kirhenshteinintermediate commit
2004-04-21  Victor Kirhenshtein- DCI_ENVELOPE structure is no longer used
2004-04-20  Victor Kirhenshtein- Structure DC_ITEM converted to class DCItem
2004-04-08  Victor KirhenshteinMinor bugfixes
2004-04-05  Victor KirhenshteinEvent processing policy completely implemented
2004-04-02  Victor Kirhenshtein- Actions code advanced
2004-03-30  Victor KirhenshteinUnfinished code for event actions
2004-03-22  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2004-03-20  Victor KirhenshteinAdded support for CMD_SET_EVENT_INFO on server side
2004-03-18  Victor KirhenshteinEvent flags moved to nxevent.h
2004-03-16  Victor Kirhenshtein- Field owner_info now cleared on component unlock
2004-03-15  Victor Kirhenshtein- Component locking functionality completely implemented
2004-03-10  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added component locks
2004-03-05  Victor KirhenshteinUser passwords now stored as SHA1 digests
2004-03-05  Victor Kirhenshtein- Now linked with OpenSSL library
2004-03-02  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added function StopDBWriter() to ensure flushing...
2004-03-02  Victor KirhenshteinObject deletion process changed: now object is being...
2004-03-01  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added special table for deleted objects
2004-02-27  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added dynamic client notification mechanism
2004-02-26  Victor Kirhenshtein- Session objects now destroyed when session is closed
2004-02-25  Victor KirhenshteinAdded support for asynchronous SELECT queries
2004-02-25  Victor KirhenshteinAdded support for asynchronous SELECT queries
2004-02-25  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added support for asynchronous SELECT queries
2004-02-24  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added processing of "host unreacheable" ICMP messages...
2004-02-24  Victor Kirhenshtein- ICMP pinger code changed to avoid false "interface...
2004-02-20  Victor KirhenshteinEvent log sending changed to use raw data messages
2004-02-20  Victor KirhenshteinDebug code removed
2004-02-20  Victor KirhenshteinAdded "#pragma pack(1)" directive to nms_cscp.h to...
2004-02-20  Victor KirhenshteinChanges to reflect new CSCP message format
2004-02-19  Victor KirhenshteinFixed incorrect message code in ClientSession::SendAllE...
2004-02-19  Victor KirhenshteinCalls to LibUtilDestroyObject() changed to MemFree()
2004-02-18  Victor KirhenshteinImplementation of ClientSession class moved to separate...
2004-02-18  Victor KirhenshteinAdded support for sending event log and configuration...
2004-02-16  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2004-02-14  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added configuration file parameter "LogFailedSQLQueri...
2004-02-13  Victor KirhenshteinDatabase driver for Microsoft SQL Server added [Victor]
2004-02-11  Victor Kirhenshtein- Object type and authentication method constants moved...
2004-02-10  Victor Kirhenshtein- Client session code changed to use RecvCSCPMessage()
2004-02-07  Victor KirhenshteinFunction AddObjectToIndex() changed: now it add new...
2004-02-05  Victor KirhenshteinAdded support for sending object's data to the client
2004-02-03  Victor Kirhenshtein- Fixed bug in message receiving
2004-01-30  Victor Kirhenshtein- Fixed bug with users loading from database
2004-01-30  Victor KirhenshteinChanges in client connection handling code