Added voice notifications for alarms (using SAPI)
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2005-11-29  Victor KirhenshteinAdded voice notifications for alarms (using SAPI)
2005-11-25  Victor KirhenshteinObject tools fully implemented (including configuration)
2005-11-21  Victor KirhenshteinChanges in object tool editor and other minor improveme...
2005-11-16  Victor KirhenshteinChanges in object tools configurator
2005-11-15  Victor KirhenshteinChanges in object tools configurator
2005-11-13  Victor Kirhenshtein- Unfinished object tools editor
2005-11-01  Victor KirhenshteinCreated object propery page for status calculation
2005-10-25  Victor Kirhenshtein- Implemented advanced DCI collection scheduling (has...
2005-10-08  Victor Kirhenshtein- Implemented object movement between containers (issue 12)
2005-10-01  Victor Kirhenshtein- Full syslog support
2005-09-11  Victor KirhenshteinImplemented object tools of type URL (still need some...
2005-09-06  Victor KirhenshteinSNMP tables working (but still need to be improved)
2005-08-29  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added "Advanced Splitter" class
2005-08-20  Victor KirhenshteinAgent configuration editor improved
2005-08-07  Victor KirhenshteinFinished code for management of VPN connector class
2005-08-05  Victor KirhenshteinImplemented creation of VPN connectors from console
2005-07-12  Victor KirhenshteinImplemented editing of server configuration variables...
2005-07-12  Victor KirhenshteinAdded possibility to see server's configuration variabl...
2005-07-08  Victor KirhenshteinWindows console: added simple collected data export
2005-04-13  Victor KirhenshteinStarted work on graph "Data Sources" property page
2005-04-08  Victor KirhenshteinGraph settings dialog changed to be a property sheet
2005-03-03  Victor KirhenshteinAdded basic "Relations" tab to object properties
2005-02-19  Victor Kirhenshtein"Last Values" view added
2005-02-17  Victor KirhenshteinAdded icon to deployment manager
2004-11-17  Victor Kirhenshtein- Various fixes related to trap management
2004-11-16  Victor KirhenshteinUnfinished updates in trap editor
2004-11-12  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated EXTRA_DIST
2004-10-15  Alex Kirhenshteinpreparation step for "make dist"; looks like working.