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2010-08-12  Victor Kirhenshteinimplemented operators += -= *= /= .= %= &= |= ^=
2010-08-12  Victor Kirhenshteinadded NXSL functions index and rindex
2009-08-31  Victor Kirhenshteinmanual updated with syslog monitoring information
2009-07-18  Victor Kirhenshteinstart building russian language pack
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2008-07-24  Victor Kirhenshteinadded chapter about custom attributes
2008-07-24  Victor Kirhenshteindoc updated
2008-07-21  Victor Kirhenshteinadded description for iNXSL function GetCustomAttribute()
2008-07-17  Victor Kirhenshteindoc updated; minor changes in code
2008-07-08  Victor Kirhenshteinproperties now sent in map list
2008-07-06  Victor Kirhenshteinminor fixes
2008-07-06  Victor Kirhenshteinfully implemented api for webmaps; nxcp documentation...
2008-05-14  Alex Kirhenshteinnon-broken files readded
2008-05-14  Alex Kirhenshteinbroken files
2008-04-09  Victor KirhenshteinNew possible value for UseInterfaceAliases - concatenat...
2008-03-25  Victor KirhenshteinMinor fix
2008-03-20  Victor Kirhenshtein- NXSL: implemented functions left() and right()
2008-03-19  Victor Kirhenshtein- Fixed bug in conditional operator implementation
2008-03-18  Victor KirhenshteinNXSL: Implemented condition operator (?:); New built...
2008-03-16  Victor KirhenshteinMinor fixes
2008-03-14  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2008-03-13  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2008-03-13  Victor KirhenshteinUser manual converted to OpenOffice format
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2008-02-07  Victor KirhenshteinSome more work on situations
2008-02-06  Victor KirhenshteinMinor fix
2008-01-30  Victor KirhenshteinImplemented %{script:xxx} macro in template DCIs
2008-01-29  Victor KirhenshteinImplemented macros in template DCIs
2008-01-25  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2008-01-17  Victor Kirhenshtein- Changes in documentation
2008-01-07  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added new nxmc plugin: Dashboard
2007-12-20  Victor KirhenshteinInitial version of NXCP reference
2007-11-06  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added possibility to specify multiple recipients...
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2007-07-03  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes and fixes
2007-06-27  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2007-05-02  Victor Kirhenshtein- New NXSL built-in functions added: time and substr
2007-04-24  Victor Kirhenshtein- Various fixes
2007-04-20  Victor KirhenshteinVarious important fixes
2007-02-22  Victor Kirhenshtein- Color selection boxes replaced with good color picker...
2007-01-16  Victor KirhenshteinManual configuration polls now resets "unreachable...
2007-01-16  Victor Kirhenshtein- Version set to 0.2.16-rc1
2007-01-02  Victor Kirhenshtein- NXSL: implemented switch ... case and break statements
2006-11-21  Victor Kirhenshtein- Existing parts updated to be consistent with 0.2.14
2006-10-23  Victor Kirhenshtein- Fixed issue 121
2006-08-29  Victor KirhenshteinAdded NetWare part
2006-08-29  Victor KirhenshteinAdded info abount unattended agent installation on...
2006-07-18  Victor KirhenshteinSolution guide added
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2006-06-27  Alex Kirhenshteinupdated installation guide
2006-06-07  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2006-06-01  Victor KirhenshteinAdded overview of event processing
2006-05-31  Victor Kirhenshtein- All data collection topics covered
2006-05-29  Victor KirhenshteinAdded revision date
2006-05-29  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added system architecture overview
2006-05-21  Victor KirhenshteinSome information about templates added
2006-05-18  Victor KirhenshteinAll topics covered
2006-05-17  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2006-05-04  Victor KirhenshteinManuals in MS Word format
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2006-02-23  Victor KirhenshteinDocumentation subtree reorganized