2007-07-24  Victor KirhenshteinAlarm browser improved
2007-07-23  Victor KirhenshteinVarious improvements
2007-07-23  Victor KirhenshteinSome GTK fixes
2007-07-23  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2007-07-23  Victor KirhenshteinOverview page fully functional
2007-07-23  Victor KirhenshteinFixed some Linux compatibility issues
2007-07-23  Victor Kirhenshteinupdate
2007-07-23  Victor KirhenshteinFreeBSD port added to CVS
2007-07-23  Victor Kirhenshtein- Alarm browser added to wx console
2007-07-20  Victor KirhenshteinAdded object images
2007-07-19  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2007-07-16  Victor Kirhenshtein- Various unfinished changes in wx console
2007-07-16  Victor KirhenshteinFixed incorrect generation of static_subagents.cpp
2007-07-16  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2007-07-15  Victor KirhenshteinVarious changes in wx console
2007-07-15  Victor KirhenshteinUnfinished work on Object Browser
2007-07-14  Victor KirhenshteinMinor fix
2007-07-14  Victor KirhenshteinPlugins loading and initialization implemented
2007-07-14  Victor KirhenshteinFont test
2007-07-14  Victor KirhenshteinFixed UNIX compatibility problem
2007-07-14  Victor KirhenshteinTesting fonts
2007-07-14  Victor KirhenshteinAdded missing file
2007-07-14  Victor Kirhenshteinwxfb-generated code added to CVS
2007-07-14  Victor KirhenshteinFixed layout problems
2007-07-13  Victor KirhenshteinChanges in plugin loading code and message logger
2007-07-13  Victor KirhenshteinMissing files added
2007-07-11  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2007-07-11  Victor KirhenshteinUNIX compatibility fixes
2007-07-11  Victor KirhenshteinCreated makefiles for new client sources
2007-07-11  Victor Kirhenshtein- New client source tree added
2007-07-07  Alex KirhenshteinWEB update:
2007-07-04  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2007-07-04  Alex KirhenshteinWeb changes
2007-07-03  Victor KirhenshteinMinor updates
2007-07-03  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes and fixes
2007-07-03  Alex KirhenshteinFixed hangs when total for pie==0
2007-07-03  Alex Kirhenshteinpie generator changed for older gd support (opensolaris...
2007-07-02  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated
2007-07-02  Victor KirhenshteinVarious fixes
2007-07-02  Victor KirhenshteinRemoved unneeded parser patching
2007-07-02  Alex Kirhenshtein/usr/local/* added to gd detection
2007-07-02  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2007-07-02  Victor KirhenshteinFixed compilation problem when encryption is disabled
2007-07-02  Alex KirhenshteinREmoved C++ parsers leftover; now build on Ubuntu
2007-07-02  Victor Kirhenshtein- Max. community string length extended to 127 characters
2007-07-02  Victor KirhenshteinMinor fixes
2007-07-02  Victor KirhenshteinAdded missing file/removed unneeded file
2007-07-02  Victor Kirhenshtein- New MIB added: FIBRE-CHANNEL-FE-MIB.txt
2007-06-29  Victor KirhenshteinMore HP-UX compatibility issues fixed
2007-06-29  Victor KirhenshteinAdded default signal block
2007-06-28  Victor KirhenshteinWindows console: added "subordinates" view in object...
2007-06-28  Victor KirhenshteinSimilar bug fixed for nxadm-initiated shutdown
2007-06-28  Victor KirhenshteinFixed problem with shutdown in standalone mode on Solaris
2007-06-28  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2007-06-28  Victor KirhenshteinFixed various Solaris portability issues
2007-06-28  Victor Kirhenshtein- Agent compiles and runs on HP-UX 11.23 on Itanium...
2007-06-27  Alex Kirhenshtein"messages.h" not found problem fixed
2007-06-27  Victor KirhenshteinVersion set to 0.2.18
2007-06-27  Victor KirhenshteinFixed bug 163
2007-06-27  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2007-06-27  Victor KirhenshteinFixed crash when seleting "Admin" section
2007-06-26  Victor KirhenshteinMinor fixes
2007-06-26  Victor KirhenshteinFixed bug with saving users in database
2007-06-26  Victor KirhenshteinAdded counter names translation from English to local...
2007-06-25  Victor KirhenshteinVersion set to 0.2.18-rc2
2007-06-22  Alex KirhenshteinSample config for nxhttpd added
2007-06-20  Victor KirhenshteinFixed bug in initial event processing policy setup
2007-06-20  Victor KirhenshteinFixed problem with installation of static content
2007-06-20  Victor KirhenshteinFixed 'const char *' to 'char *' conversion error with...
2007-06-20  Victor Kirhenshtein- Some missing files added
2007-06-20  Victor KirhenshteinAdded missing files
2007-06-19  Alex KirhenshteinFreeBSD 6.2 compile problems
2007-06-14  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2007-06-14  Victor KirhenshteinManagement of server variables working
2007-06-14  Victor KirhenshteinAdded missing entry points
2007-06-13  Victor KirhenshteinDone some initial work on control panel view; minor...
2007-06-13  Victor KirhenshteinSome fixes in MIB parsing (mostly related to SYNTAX...
2007-06-13  Alex KirhenshteinCustomer list updated
2007-06-10  Alex Kirhenshteinrelease 0.2.17; web updated
2007-06-08  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated
2007-06-08  Victor KirhenshteinTypo fixed
2007-06-08  Victor KirhenshteinRemoved warning on 64bit systems
2007-06-08  Victor KirhenshteinMinor UI fixes
2007-06-08  Alex Kirhenshteinfinal changes; openssl/md5/etc detection fixed
2007-06-08  Alex Kirhenshtein*** empty log message ***
2007-06-08  Alex Kirhenshtein...
2007-06-08  Alex Kirhenshteinkillall now should work on aix/hpux too
2007-06-08  Victor KirhenshteinMinor fixes
2007-06-08  Alex Kirhenshteintypo
2007-06-08  Alex Kirhenshteinfixed NETXMS_SUBAGENT_INFO init
2007-06-08  Alex Kirhenshteininvalid startup/shudown hooks
2007-06-08  Alex Kirhenshteintypo
2007-06-08  Alex KirhenshteinDECLARE_SUBAGENT_INIT replaced with DECLARE_SUBAGENT_EN...
2007-06-07  Alex KirhenshteinDECLARE_SUBAGENT_INIT replaced w/ DECLARE_SUBAGENT_ENTR...
2007-06-07  Alex Kirhenshteina few errors fixed
2007-06-07  Alex Kirhenshtein"skip" calculation fixed
2007-06-07  Alex Kirhenshteinyet-yet-another solaris8 hack
2007-06-07  Alex Kirhenshteinnon-generic description defines removed
2007-06-07  Alex Kirhenshteindescriptions changed to defines
2007-06-07  Alex Kirhenshtein1) descriptions changed to defines