2003-11-03  Victor Kirhenshtein- Table "Users" added to schema
2003-11-02  Victor KirhenshteinStatus poller code
2003-11-02  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2003-11-02  Victor Kirhenshtein- Event messages modified
2003-11-02  Victor Kirhenshtein- Status polling (only ICMP at the moment) added
2003-11-02  Victor Kirhenshtein- SleepAndCheckForShutdown() function added
2003-11-02  Victor KirhenshteinNew events added
2003-11-01  Victor KirhenshteinConditions (events) added to thread functions
2003-11-01  Victor KirhenshteinFirst version of event handling subsystem added
2003-11-01  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added file events.sql with system-defined events
2003-10-23  Victor KirhenshteinDatabase schema changed - added primary key to EVENTS...
2003-10-23  Victor Kirhenshtein- Changes in setup script
2003-10-23  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added simple queue implementation
2003-10-21  Victor KirhenshteinVarious changes in network discovery code
2003-10-21  Victor KirhenshteinFix in discovery thread: some systems returns broadcast...
2003-10-21  Victor KirhenshteinNew parameter 'DiscoveryPollingInterval' added to setup...
2003-10-21  Victor Kirhenshtein- AgentConnection::GetArpCache() changed according...
2003-10-21  Victor KirhenshteinServer-agent protocol specification change: ARP command...
2003-10-20  Victor KirhenshteinSQL schema modified: added field is_local_mgmt to NODES...
2003-10-20  Victor KirhenshteinFirst variant of network discovery
2003-10-20  Victor KirhenshteinServer-agent protocol specification changed: "interface...
2003-10-20  Victor KirhenshteinCosmetic changes
2003-10-20  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added agent communication module
2003-10-20  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added agent communication module
2003-10-19  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added function SnmpGetInterfaceList()
2003-10-17  Victor KirhenshteinUnfinished node's capability polling function
2003-10-17  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added function SnmpEnumerate()
2003-10-17  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added function SnmpGet()
2003-10-16  Victor Kirhenshtein- Database driver interface modified (added DBUnloadDri...
2003-10-16  Victor Kirhenshtein- Database driver specification updated
2003-10-16  Victor Kirhenshtein- Driver made thread-safe
2003-10-16  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added snmp_oid field to NODES table
2003-10-16  Victor Kirhenshtein- New configuration parameters documented
2003-10-16  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added "Entire Net" object
2003-10-16  Victor Kirhenshtein- New fields added to NODES table
2003-10-15  Victor Kirhenshtein- New nodes added to database correctly
2003-10-15  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added script for clearing database (clear.sql)
2003-10-15  Victor Kirhenshtein- Unfinished new node poller
2003-10-15  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added portable ICMP PING function
2003-10-15  Victor Kirhenshtein- PostgreSQL client library added to library list
2003-10-15  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added structures for IP and ICMP headers
2003-10-14  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added files with NetObj and child classes implementation
2003-10-14  Victor Kirhenshtein- Many yet unfinished changes in internal object processing
2003-10-14  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added ThreadSleep and ThreadSleepMs functions
2003-10-14  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added definitions for interface types (compatible...
2003-10-14  Victor Kirhenshtein- Database schema modified
2003-10-09  Alex Kirhenshtein[+] vc++ message compiler replacement
2003-10-08  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added setup.sql (script to initialize database with...
2003-10-08  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added syncer thread
2003-10-08  Victor Kirhenshtein- File.Hash.SHA1 parameter added to Win32 agent
2003-10-06  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added functions for reading and writing configuration...
2003-10-06  Victor Kirhenshtein- Include definition for HMODULE on UNIX systems
2003-10-06  Victor Kirhenshtein- "NMS Architecture.doc" is obsoleted by "internals...
2003-10-06  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added database driver interface
2003-10-05  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added description of IFLIST command
2003-10-04  Victor KirhenshteinModified database schema
2003-10-04  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added database drivers for PostgreSQL and MySQL
2003-10-02  Victor KirhenshteinInitial import
2003-10-02  Victor KirhenshteinThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2003-10-02  (no author)Standard project directories initialized by cvs2svn.