2013-07-26  Marco IncalcaterraMinor fixes: boot option for HTC devices, aesthetic...
2013-07-26  Marco IncalcaterraMinor fixes: boot option for HTC devices, bug in readin...
2013-07-25  Victor Kirhenshteinremoved anonymout struct/union
2013-07-25  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed bus error on Solaris SPARC
2013-07-25  Alex KirhenshteinInitial version of NTWS driver
2013-07-25  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed NPE
2013-07-25  Victor KirhenshteinAdded MIBs for Nortel/Trapeze Wireless security switches
2013-07-24  Victor Kirhenshteinadditional exported packages
2013-07-24  Victor Kirhenshteinexternal subagents working on Linux
2013-07-24  Victor Kirhenshteinexternal subagent implementation for UNIX
2013-07-24  Victor Kirhenshteinfixes
2013-07-24  Victor Kirhenshteinext subagent conector for UNIX
2013-07-23  Victor Kirhenshteinadded pipe read timeout to prevent holding app agent...
2013-07-23  Victor Kirhenshteinfix for Oracle Pro*C compatibility
2013-07-22  Victor Kirhenshteinlibappagent added to package
2013-07-22  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed issue 302
2013-07-22  Victor Kirhenshteinsupport for HP-UX Itanium build without Atomic API
2013-07-22  Victor Kirhenshteinminor fix
2013-07-22  Victor Kirhenshteinextern "C" added around application agent API
2013-07-22  Victor Kirhenshteinadded server startup script for Solaris v1.2.8
2013-07-22  Alex Kirhenshteinajp13 connector disabled
2013-07-22  Alex KirhenshteinWebUI: jetty replaced with winstone
2013-07-21  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed bug in Windows installers
2013-07-21  Victor KirhenshteinSolaris server installer
2013-07-21  Victor Kirhenshteininstaller updated
2013-07-20  Victor Kirhenshteinadded declaration for wcscasecmp; server can be built...
2013-07-19  Alex KirhenshteinFallback wcscasecmp implementation added
2013-07-19  Victor Kirhenshteinminor changes
2013-07-19  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed ODBC driver build errors; odbcquery subagent...
2013-07-19  Victor Kirhenshteinutility functions to fix Linux UNICODE build
2013-07-19  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed agent build error; special configuration search...
2013-07-18  Victor Kirhenshteinupdates in debian package creation
2013-07-18  Victor Kirhenshteinpreparation for 1.2.8 release
2013-07-18  Victor KirhenshteinD-Link MIBs added to distribution
2013-07-18  Victor Kirhenshteinpreparation for 1.2.8 release
2013-07-18  Victor KirhenshteinDB upgrade procedure
2013-07-18  Victor KirhenshteinDCI access lock type changed to rwlock
2013-07-18  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed bug in shutdown action
2013-07-18  Victor KirhenshteinHPUX: added file system list and table; added package...
2013-07-17  Victor Kirhenshteinadditional FDB debug
2013-07-17  Victor Kirhenshteinfixes in HP-UX installer
2013-07-17  Victor Kirhenshteinweb ui: workbench state and user preferences saved...
2013-07-17  Victor Kirhenshteinsearch in object tree now using "contains" instead...
2013-07-17  Victor Kirhenshteinapplied "SNMP trap listener port" patch
2013-07-17  Victor Kirhenshteinminor fixes
2013-07-16  Victor Kirhenshteinapp agent support added to core agent
2013-07-16  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed dist error
2013-07-12  Victor Kirhenshteinunused code removed
2013-07-12  Victor KirhenshteinSNMP tables implemented; fixed bug in object tab activation
2013-07-11  Alex now loaded from common classpath (e...
2013-07-10  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed aC++ warnings
2013-07-10  Victor Kirhenshteinminor fix (to remove warning on HP-UX/aC++)
2013-07-10  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed Linux build errors
2013-07-10  Victor Kirhenshteinminor fix
2013-07-10  Victor Kirhenshteinminor fixes
2013-07-10  Victor KirhenshteinCAS support working
2013-07-10  Alex KirhenshteinMissing files
2013-07-10  Victor Kirhenshteinremoved occasional temporary changes
2013-07-10  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed HP-UX build problems
2013-07-10  Alex KirhenshteinIntermediate compilation fix
2013-07-10  Alex KirhenshteinMerge leftovers removed
2013-07-10  Alex KirhenshteinMerge branch 'private_cas'
2013-07-10  Alex KirhenshteinMissing file added
2013-07-10  Alex KirhenshteinReporting interface adjusted
2013-07-10  Alex KirhenshteinReportingServerManager.scheduleReport() added
2013-07-10  Alex KirhenshteinDisable OS X deprecation warnings for OpenSSL
2013-07-09  Victor Kirhenshtein"Test" button for transformation scripts working
2013-07-08  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed Linux build error
2013-07-07  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed issue 262 (node objects at object tree root)
2013-07-07  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed bug in object tab deactivation (backport from...
2013-07-07  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed error popup from object details view when node...
2013-07-07  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed server crash when object being deleted and alarm...
2013-07-06  Victor Kirhenshteinvertical mode for dial charts; added explicit check...
2013-07-06  Victor Kirhenshteincode sync
2013-07-06  Victor Kirhenshteinchanges for compatibility with client API 1.2.8 (will...
2013-07-05  Victor Kirhenshteinshutdown/restart actions
2013-07-05  Victor Kirhenshteinsensor polling thread run with real-time priority
2013-07-04  Victor Kirhenshteinlanguage files copied from RCP
2013-07-04  Victor Kirhenshteinimplemented map status calculation based on contained...
2013-07-03  Victor Kirhenshteincustom SNMP test OID can be set for node via snmp.testo...
2013-07-03  Victor Kirhenshteinprettier instance display name in charts
2013-07-03  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed UNICODE build bug
2013-07-02  Victor Kirhenshteintable DCIs can be added to dashboards; fixed bugs with...
2013-07-02  Victor Kirhenshteintable last value open on double click; fixed exception...
2013-07-02  Victor Kirhenshteintable last values open by double click; minimal functio...
2013-07-02  Alex Kirhenshtein"UserName" added to reporting job result
2013-07-01  Victor Kirhenshteinpreparation for string externalization
2013-07-01  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed incorrect DB init script processing on AIX
2013-07-01  Alex KirhenshteinReporting server errors now properly propagated to...
2013-07-01  Alex KirhenshteinNumber of columns added to report definition
2013-06-30  Victor Kirhenshteincustom attributes can be used in object tools
2013-06-30  Victor Kirhenshteinnew NXSL function: GetDCIRawValue
2013-06-30  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed issue 286; code sync between RCP and RAP
2013-06-30  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed bug in cluster DCI selection; new NXSL function...
2013-06-30  Victor Kirhenshteininterface flag "exclude friom topology" can be configur...
2013-06-30  Victor KirhenshteinNXSL function RemoveContainer converted to DeleteObject
2013-06-28  Victor Kirhenshteinweb ui: merged reporting code from rcp console
2013-06-28  Victor Kirhenshteincosmetic changes
2013-06-27  Victor Kirhenshteinfallback to __lwarx/__stwcx on xlC versions without...
2013-06-27  Alex KirhenshteinSave/Open added to Report View