2018-01-11  Victor Kirhenshteinupdated for RAP 3.4 and latest changes in Draw2D master
2017-06-07  Victor Kirhenshteinobject dragging on graph can be disabled
2016-04-14  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed selection and drag issues when zoom is not at...
2016-03-04  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed object selection issue when background or decorat...
2016-02-10  Victor Kirhenshteinfixes in RCP code merged into RAP code
2016-02-10  Victor Kirhenshteinfix for re-appearing invisible connections after setInput
2014-03-31  Alex KirhenshteinZest version changed to 2.0.2, now depends on draw2d...
2014-03-31  Alex Kirhenshteinartefacts removed from .gitignore
2013-12-20  Alex KirhenshteinDescriptions fixed in size.xml
2013-12-20  Alex KirhenshteinForked draw2d added to -site
2013-12-19  Alex KirhenshteinDraw2d changed to our fork (org.netxms.rap.draw2d)...
2013-11-19  Alex Kirhenshtein(RAP) Bundle name changed to org.netxms.gef4..., versio...
2013-11-19  Alex KirhenshteinEmpty plugin.xml removed
2013-11-19  Alex KirhenshteinBundle name changed to org.netxms.gef4..., version...
2013-11-19  Alex KirhenshteinEmpty plugin.xlm removed
2013-11-15  zevAdded 2 versions of zest - eclipse and web
2013-11-15  zevChanged version of zest to 2.0.0
2013-11-15  zevImplemented changes for netxms web version.
2013-11-05  zevRemoved unnesacery package. Left only zest packages.
2013-10-31  mwienand[410772] Validate mouse and focus target if accessed.
2013-10-31  mwienand[410772] Remove node orientation (content-bias).
2013-10-30  anyssen[NONE] Renamed some IParent operations to make API...
2013-10-30  anyssen[420504] Renamed getChildNodes to getChildrenUnmodifiab...
2013-10-30  anyssen[420504] Add removeChildNodes() operation to IParent...
2013-10-28  mwienand[410772] Differenciate between shape-bounds and layout...
2013-10-28  mwienand[NONE] Fix PolyBezier#getBounds() always contained...
2013-10-28  mwienand[410772] Rename package *.swt.fx.* to *.swtfx.*.
2013-10-28  mwienandMerge branch 'master' of
2013-10-28  mwienand[410772] Example snippet refinements.
2013-10-25  Fabian Steeg[420224] Require optional dependencies
2013-10-25  Fabian SteegFix non-externalized string compiler warning
2013-10-25  anyssen[NONE] Renamed to GEF4 Cloudio Tests.
2013-10-25  anyssen[NONE] Fix replacement of antlr fragment with target...
2013-10-25  mwienand[410772] Add AbstractTransition#isPaused() and #isPlayi...
2013-10-25  mwienand[410772] Add accessor methods.
2013-10-25  mwienand[410772] Add RADIO and CHECK types to SwtButton.
2013-10-25  mwienand[410772] Add MouseEvent types MOUSE_DRAGGED and MOUSE_D...
2013-10-25  mwienand[NONE] Implement correct getBounds() for Arc and Pie.
2013-10-25  mwienand[410772] Add null checks in AbstractNode and SwtControl...
2013-10-25  mwienand[410772] Add IParent#replace(INode, INode) method.
2013-10-25  mwienand[410772] Override toString() method in layout Panes.
2013-10-25  mwienand[410772] Move samples to correct package.
2013-10-24  anyssen[NONE] Add Antlr library.
2013-10-24  anyssen[NONE] Fix target id to
2013-10-24  mwienand[410772] Make transitions independent of Scene.
2013-10-24  mwienand[410772] Partially clean-up sysouts and generics.
2013-10-24  mwienand[410772] Implement scrolling in ScrollPane.
2013-10-24  mwienand[410772] Listen for SWT.Selection events in SwtScrollBar.
2013-10-24  mwienand[410772] Add Scrollbar snippet.
2013-10-24  mwienand[410772] Math.ceil() width and height in Application.
2013-10-24  mwienand[410772] Add accessor methods to SwtScrollBar.
2013-10-24  mwienand[410772] Fix SwtScrollBar bounds.
2013-10-24  mwienand[410772] Add missing copyright headers.
2013-10-24  anyssen[NONE] Do signing in an CBI compliant way.
2013-10-24  anyssen[420061] Build up GEF4 Cloudio component.
2013-10-23  anyssen[NONE] Fix javadoc for convert.awt not properly generated.
2013-10-23  anyssen[NONE] Fix name and vendor.
2013-10-23  anyssen[NONE] Add SwtFX component to update-site.
2013-10-18  mwienand[410772] Update examples.
2013-10-18  mwienand[410772] Create specialized SwtControlAdapterNode sub...
2013-10-18  mwienand[410772] Prevent NPE in AbstractParent#getScene().
2013-10-18  mwienand[410772] Make SwtControlAdapterNode independent of...
2013-10-18  mwienand[410772] Ensure correct time parameter in SequentialTra...
2013-10-18  mwienand[410772] Add ScaleTransition#toString().
2013-10-18  mwienand[410772] Add pause() and resume() functionality to...
2013-10-18  mwienand[410772] Take alignment setting into account in BorderPane.
2013-10-18  mwienand[410772] Rename CanvasNode->CanvasFigure and ControlNod...
2013-10-18  mwienand[410772] Add ScaleTransition and SequentialTransition.
2013-10-18  mwienand[410772] Fix ConcurrentModificationException in PulseTh...
2013-10-18  mwienand[410772] Use PulseThread in AbstractTransition.
2013-10-17  Zoltan Ujhelyi[419736] Added new examples and updated erroneous one
2013-10-17  Zoltan Ujhelyi[419736] Support decoration updates
2013-10-17  Zoltan Ujhelyi[419736] Added connection decoration support for GraphV...
2013-10-17  Zoltan Ujhelyi[419736] Added connection decoration support for Zest...
2013-10-17  mwienand[410772] Add an intermediate example snippet.
2013-10-17  mwienand[410772] Send SWT.Selection events to focused ControlNode.
2013-10-17  mwienand[410772] Replace old HBox and VBox with the new simplif...
2013-10-17  mwienand[410772] Remove unintentionally committed snippet.
2013-10-17  mwienand[410772] Add missing copyright headers.
2013-10-17  mwienand[410772] Do not run MouseEventTests.
2013-10-17  mwienand[410772] Run MouseEventTests.
2013-10-17  mwienand[410772] Add sample snippets: AnimationSample, GroupSam...
2013-10-17  mwienand[410772] Override computePref[Width/Height] in Pane...
2013-10-17  mwienand[410772] Refactor AnchorPane.
2013-10-17  mwienand[410772] Refactor GraphicsContext#stroke().
2013-10-17  mwienand[410772] Update examples.
2013-10-17  mwienand[410772] Set ParallelTransition duration to maximum...
2013-10-17  mwienand[410772] Refactor SwtEventForwarder.
2013-10-17  mwienand[410772] Rename ActionEvent.SELECTION to .ACTION.
2013-10-17  mwienand[410772] Add state mask for modifier keys in KeyEvent.
2013-10-17  mwienand[410772] Add PulseThread to Scene.
2013-10-17  mwienand[410772] Make use of generics in ShapeFigure.
2013-10-17  mwienand[410772] Refactor AbstractParent#renderFigures().
2013-10-17  mwienand[410772] Add convenience methods to INode.
2013-10-17  mwienand[410772] Provide RgbaColor constructor with double...
2013-10-17  mwienand[410772] Add simple versions of HBox and VBox.
2013-10-17  mwienand[410772] Create TextFigure for displaying text.
2013-10-17  mwienandMerge branch 'master' of
2013-10-15  Istvan Rath[419467] Added setters for SpaceTreeLayoutAlgorithm...
2013-10-10  mwienand[410772] Provide method to query text width/height...