schema-related information (like schema version, DB syntax, etc.) moved from "config...
[public/netxms.git] / src / server / tools / nxdbmgr / check.cpp
2009-02-16  Victor Kirhenshteinschema-related information (like schema version, DB...
2008-12-21  Alex KirhenshteinRollback from r3608 to r3606
2008-12-21  Victor Kirhenshtein.
2008-12-09  Victor Kirhenshteinnxdbmgr: added checking of dct_node_map table; implemen...
2008-09-18  Victor Kirhenshteinadded timestamp check in raw_dci_values table
2008-09-18  Victor Kirhenshteinadded check for collected data with time stamps in...
2007-09-20  Victor Kirhenshtein- Most of GCC 4.2 warnings cleaned up
2007-01-14  Victor Kirhenshtein- Fixed issue 105
2006-09-30  Victor KirhenshteinDatabase driver API changed: now all SQL queries and...
2006-08-07  Victor KirhenshteinExplicit use of BEGIN - COMMIT - ROLLBACk changed to...
2006-06-13  Victor Kirhenshtein- User's authentication method now can be configured...
2006-05-31  Victor Kirhenshtein- Fixed serious bug in object deletion code
2006-03-02  Alex Kirhenshteinstatus column ("[PASSED]"/e.t.c) shifted left to fit...
2006-01-19  Alex Kirhenshtein- small memory leak fixed in nxsm
2006-01-18  Victor KirhenshteinAdded command "unlock" (issue 69)
2005-11-25  Victor KirhenshteinAdded support for transactions in database manager
2005-11-04  Victor KirhenshteinFixed some 64bit portability issues
2005-10-29  Victor KirhenshteinAdded support for SQLite embedded database engine
2005-10-27  Victor KirhenshteinMore database checks added
2005-10-17  Victor KirhenshteinFixed incorrect usage of strncpy
2005-08-03  Victor KirhenshteinImplemented forced check/unlock flag
2005-05-26  Victor Kirhenshtein- Version number changed to 0.2.0-dev
2005-04-13  Victor Kirhenshtein- Upgrade procedure fixed
2005-04-07  Victor KirhenshteinFixed bugs in database checking
2005-03-27  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2005-03-21  Victor KirhenshteinServer changed for new database format
2005-02-08  Victor Kirhenshteinadded basic checking of node and interface objects
2005-01-30  Victor KirhenshteinCosmetic changes
2005-01-30  Victor KirhenshteinAdded database unlock function
2004-10-19  Victor KirhenshteinStarted work on database manager utility