externalized strings in SNMP plugin
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2015-07-06  zevWeb fixed
2014-11-13  Victor Kirhenshteinweb UI switched to client library plugin
2014-02-20  Victor KirhenshteinMerge branch 'master' into fis
2014-02-17  Victor KirhenshteinMerge branch 'develop'
2014-02-14  Victor Kirhenshteinminor changes
2013-10-17  Victor Kirhenshteincode merge between RCP and RAP; method setAuthType...
2013-04-19  Victor Kirhenshteinadditional package exports; NodePollerView now works...
2012-12-07  Victor Kirhenshteinlatest changes from RCP console
2012-12-04  Victor Kirhenshteinlatest changes from RCP console
2012-04-11  Victor Kirhenshteinlog viewer plugin ported to web ui
2012-01-14  Victor Kirhenshteinsome plugins ported to RAP from RCP