fixed incorrect fallback character conversion
[public/netxms.git] / src / libnetxms / unicode.cpp
2016-05-02  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed incorrect fallback character conversion
2016-02-25  Marco IncalcaterraMerge branch 'develop' of
2016-02-11  Victor Kirhenshteincommon process init function for all NetXMS processes...
2015-09-01  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed uninitialized variable warnings
2015-07-15  Victor Kirhenshteinfixes in character conversion functions
2015-07-13  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed issues in fallback utf8 to ascii conversion function
2015-07-12  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed clang warnings
2015-05-31  Victor Kirhenshteinimplemented SNMP target sync with agent for cached...
2015-03-20  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed Windows build errors
2015-03-20  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed non-UNICODE build errors
2014-10-05  Marco IncalcaterraMerge branch 'develop' of
2014-09-18  Victor Kirhenshteinimplemented iconv descriptor cache
2014-05-19  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed server crash if SNMP functions used in NXSL
2014-03-31  Victor Kirhenshteinfopen64 used when available for opening log file
2014-03-06  Victor Kirhenshteinstring conversion in libnxsnmp uses MultiByteToWideChar...
2014-03-05  Victor KirhenshteinMerge branch 'develop' of into...
2014-03-05  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed compilation error when iconv is disabled
2014-02-20  Victor KirhenshteinMerge branch 'master' into fis
2014-02-17  Victor KirhenshteinMerge branch 'develop'
2014-02-11  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed wmkstemp implementation
2014-02-07  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed incorrect implementation of some wide character...
2014-02-02  Victor KirhenshteinMerge branch 'ups-metasys-driver' into develop
2014-01-29  Marco IncalcaterraMerge branch 'develop' of
2014-01-28  Victor Kirhenshteincosmetic change
2014-01-28  Victor Kirhenshteincosmetic change
2014-01-17  Victor Kirhenshteincosmetic change
2013-12-13  Victor KirhenshteinMerge branch 'master' of
2013-12-13  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed compilation errors if --disable-iconv configurati...
2013-12-04  Victor KirhenshteinMerge branch 'master' of
2013-12-04  Valentin-ParamonovTypo.
2013-12-04  Valentin-Paramonovunicode.cpp: code format and more refactoring.
2013-12-04  Victor Kirhenshteincosmetic changes
2013-12-04  Victor KirhenshteinMerge branch 'master' of
2013-12-04  Valentin-Paramonovunicode.cpp refactored.
2013-12-03  Valentin-Paramonovunicode.cpp refactoring started.
2013-11-13  Victor KirhenshteinTables can be used in condition objects
2013-07-10  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed HP-UX build problems
2013-06-13  Victor Kirhenshteincode refactoring; preparation for supporting tables...
2013-05-06  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed issue 273 (map saved on all visualisation option...
2013-03-07  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed compilation errors
2013-03-07  Victor Kirhenshteinwrappers for wide char *scanf functions
2013-02-13  Victor Kirhenshteinadded implementation of putws (needed for SH build)
2013-01-25  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed MultiByteToWideChar and WideCharToMultiByte retur...
2012-09-02  Victor KirhenshteinUNICODE build under FreeBSD
2012-08-23  Alex Kirhenshteinpartial fixes for non-unicode build on unix
2012-08-13  Victor Kirhenshteinfixes for UNICODE build
2012-08-11  Victor Kirhenshteinfixes for UNICODE build on LInux
2012-08-10  Victor KirhenshteinUNICODE compatibility fixes
2012-05-29  Victor Kirhenshteinvarious fixes for UNICODE build on Linux
2011-05-07  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed UCS-4 codepage name detection on AIX
2011-04-28  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed various runtime errors on HP-UX
2011-04-27  Victor Kirhenshteinagent compiles on HP-UX with aCC; some warnings fixed
2010-12-14  Victor Kirhenshteinintermediate commit - more UNICODE-related errors fixed
2010-12-13  Victor KirhenshteinMost of the server code made UNICODe compatible (does...
2010-09-21  Victor Kirhenshteinlicense headers in libnetxms changed to LGPL
2010-09-21  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed potentiali unsafe usage of TCHAR in ODBC driver
2010-07-30  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed 64bit AIX compilation errors; fixed build proble...
2010-02-24  Victor Kirhenshteinminor fixes
2010-02-16  Victor Kirhenshteinadded detection for POSIX and GNU flavors of strerror_r
2009-09-28  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed compilation errors on systems where sizeof(wchar_...
2009-08-11  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed bugs in Oracle and ODBC drivers
2009-05-04  Victor KirhenshteinXML configs implemented
2009-05-01  Victor Kirhenshteinsynced: libnetxms; libnxcl; libnxlp; libnxmb; libnxmap
2008-12-21  Alex KirhenshteinRollback from r3608 to r3606
2008-12-21  Victor Kirhenshtein.
2008-10-17  Victor Kirhenshteinnew log functions works on linux
2008-06-02  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes and fixes in NXCP/XML
2008-05-14  Alex Kirhenshteinimported svn:keywords properties
2008-05-01  Victor KirhenshteinFixed compilation problems of IPSO agent
2008-04-18  Victor KirhenshteinSQLite driver changed to new API spec
2008-04-12  Victor KirhenshteinODBC driver now compiles on systems with 4-byte wchar_t
2008-01-29  Victor KirhenshteinFixed bug in CSCPMessage::GetVariableStr() in UCS-4...
2008-01-29  Victor KirhenshteinConsole is worling on Linux/UNICODE
2008-01-28  Victor KirhenshteinAdded wrappers for UNIX versions of wprintf functions
2008-01-28  Victor KirhenshteinConsole compiles on UNIX with UNICODE
2008-01-28  Victor KirhenshteinPreparation for UNICODE support on UNIX
2007-12-05  Victor KirhenshteinBug fixed: internal conversion functions was used inste...
2007-12-05  Victor KirhenshteinSetDefaultCodePage now will check if codepage supported...
2007-07-25  Victor KirhenshteinMore const char* fixes
2007-04-18  Victor KirhenshteinFixed bug in MultiByteToWideChar via iconv() implementation
2007-03-23  Victor Kirhenshtein- All certificates now stored in database
2007-02-05  Alex Kirhenshtein"Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised...
2007-01-03  Victor KirhenshteinFixed UNICODE conversion problem on Solaris 10
2006-12-17  Victor KirhenshteinODBC driver made compatible with latest unixODBC
2006-11-16  Victor KirhenshteinFixed warning on 64-bit systems
2006-11-15  Victor KirhenshteinFixed problems with default iconv() codepage
2006-10-13  Victor KirhenshteinFixed some HP-UX portability issues
2006-10-10  Victor KirhenshteinMore HP C++ compiler issues fixed
2006-10-05  Alex Kirhenshteingeneric: iconv - const detection added
2006-10-05  Victor KirhenshteinFixed Linux compilation problem
2006-10-04  Alex KirhenshteinHPUX: stdarg.h added to configure/headers
2006-10-01  Victor Kirhenshtein- iconv detection added
2006-10-01  Victor KirhenshteinYet another Linux UNICODE fix
2006-10-01  Victor KirhenshteinSome UNICODE-related fixes
2006-09-30  Victor KirhenshteinDatabase driver API changed: now all SQL queries and...
2005-06-05  Victor KirhenshteinFixed portability problem with wcslen()
2005-02-28  Victor KirhenshteinNetWare compatibility changes
2004-12-21  Victor Kirhenshtein- Finished migration to new client library model
2004-09-28  Victor KirhenshteinRemoved usage of wchar.h and related components on...
2004-09-22  Victor KirhenshteinUNICODE part changes