removed deleted filed from makefile
[public/netxms.git] / TODO
2006-03-08  Alex Kirhenshteinremoved deleted filed from makefile
2006-03-01  Alex Kirhenshteinlinux agent -> check for /proc/stat format on 2.4 kerne...
2006-03-01  Alex Kirhenshtein--with-nxsm changed to --with-nxhttpd
2005-12-06  Victor Kirhenshtein- Time display added to alarm viewer
2005-11-01  Victor Kirhenshtein- New commands added
2005-10-27  Victor KirhenshteinUpdates
2005-10-25  Victor Kirhenshtein- Implemented advanced DCI collection scheduling (has...
2005-10-06  Victor Kirhenshtein- Eliminated need to unlock event configuration databas...
2005-10-01  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated TODO
2005-09-23  Victor KirhenshteinCorrect agent shutdown procedure implemented under...
2005-08-23  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated todo
2005-08-09  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2005-07-21  Alex Kirhenshtein*** empty log message ***
2005-06-28  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated change log/TODO
2005-06-27  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated TODO
2005-06-14  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated TODO
2005-06-08  Victor KirhenshteinNetWare platform subagent improved:
2005-06-05  Victor KirhenshteinImplemented useful ICMP ping subagent
2005-05-28  Victor KirhenshteinRule in policy editor can be enabled/disabled by double...
2005-05-08  Victor KirhenshteinMinor updates
2005-04-29  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added diff() method for DCI thresholds
2005-04-19  Victor Kirhenshtein- Client library documentation updated
2005-04-08  Victor KirhenshteinThresholds can be modified by double click in DCI confi...
2005-04-07  Victor Kirhenshtein- Implemented save and restore for DCI graph windows
2005-04-04  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated todo
2005-03-19  Victor KirhenshteinUnfinished Pocket PC console
2005-03-17  Victor Kirhenshtein- Fixed bug in filling DCI cache with values from database
2005-03-02  Victor Kirhenshtein- TODO updated
2005-02-28  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated TODO
2005-02-24  Victor KirhenshteinAdded support for IDE HDD temperature monitoring and...
2005-02-21  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated TODO and change log
2005-02-03  Victor KirhenshteinImplemented cell editing by double click in policy...
2005-02-03  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated TODO
2005-02-03  Victor KirhenshteinBugfix: object not marked as modified when platform...
2005-02-03  Victor KirhenshteinFixed bug #0000003
2005-01-31  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated TODO
2005-01-30  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated TODO
2005-01-29  Victor Kirhenshtein- Implemented primary IP address selection for nodes
2005-01-26  Victor Kirhenshtein- Implemented recalculation of object status after...
2005-01-25  Victor KirhenshteinImplemented NetXMS agent's parameters selection in...
2005-01-23  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added selection of internal parameters in DCI configu...
2005-01-23  Victor Kirhenshtein- ObjectsGlobalLock() and ObjectsGlobalUnlock() removed
2005-01-22  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated changelog
2005-01-21  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated TODO
2005-01-20  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated TODO
2005-01-20  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated TODO
2005-01-19  Victor Kirhenshtein- Version number changed to 0.1.12
2005-01-19  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated TODO
2005-01-18  Alex Kirhenshtein*** empty log message ***
2005-01-18  Alex Kirhenshtein*** empty log message ***
2005-01-18  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated todo
2005-01-16  Victor Kirhenshtein- Implemented package uploading (installation) to serve...
2005-01-14  Victor Kirhenshteinupdated TODO
2005-01-10  Victor KirhenshteinUnfinished changes in Package Manager
2005-01-05  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated TODO list
2004-12-30  Victor KirhenshteinRelease of version 0.1.9
2004-12-29  Victor KirhenshteinImplemented file upload to agents
2004-12-14  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated TODO
2004-12-10  Victor KirhenshteinAdded field license_key to modules table
2004-12-10  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated TODO
2004-12-09  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated TODO
2004-11-20  Victor Kirhenshtein- Search string now assumed with * at the ends in objec...
2004-11-17  Victor Kirhenshtein- Various fixes related to trap management
2004-11-16  Victor KirhenshteinAdded server version checking in client connection...
2004-11-12  Victor KirhenshteinVarious changes (see previous commits)
2004-11-09  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated TODO
2004-11-09  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated TODO
2004-11-08  Victor KirhenshteinTrap deletion implemented
2004-11-08  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated change log and TODO
2004-11-03  Victor KirhenshteinVery basic SNMP trap processing added
2004-10-23  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2004-10-22  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated changelog
2004-10-21  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated change log and TODO
2004-10-21  Victor KirhenshteinVery simple ICMP ping subagent
2004-10-20  Victor KirhenshteinTODO updated; started version 0.1.7
2004-10-20  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added support for data collection item duplication...
2004-10-19  Victor KirhenshteinStarted work on database manager utility
2004-10-15  Victor KirhenshteinLast changes reflected in ChangeLog and TODO
2004-10-14  Victor Kirhenshtein- Server now first tries to connect to local agent...
2004-10-13  Victor KirhenshteinIndex access mutexes changed to read/write locks in...
2004-10-12  Victor KirhenshteinTODO updated
2004-10-11  Victor Kirhenshtein- New tasks added in TODO file
2004-09-29  Victor KirhenshteinAdded ability for copying DCIs from one node to another
2004-09-28  Victor KirhenshteinRemoved usage of wchar.h and related components on...
2004-09-27  Victor KirhenshteinNew TODOs
2004-09-26  Victor KirhenshteinAdded UINT32 and UINT64 to DCI data types (not tested...
2004-09-22  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2004-09-22  Victor KirhenshteinMany improvements in data collection configuration
2004-09-22  Victor KirhenshteinUNICODE part changes
2004-09-20  Victor KirhenshteinTODO update
2004-09-20  Victor Kirhenshtein- TODO updated
2004-09-19  Victor Kirhenshtein- Container objects can be created from GUI
2004-09-16  Alex Kirhenshteinsubagent idea
2004-09-10  Victor Kirhenshtein- pthread_detach() added to ThreadCreate
2004-09-09  Victor KirhenshteinE-Mail sending implemented
2004-09-08  Victor KirhenshteinNew tasks
2004-09-07  Victor KirhenshteinNew tasks
2004-09-03  Victor KirhenshteinNew TODOs
2004-09-03  Alex Kirhenshtein*** empty log message ***
2004-08-31  Victor Kirhenshtein- Started work on alarm management