libnxsrv and nxcore moved to VS2005 (nxcore cannot be linked because libnxsl not...
[public/netxms.git] / include / nms_common.h
2008-12-30  Victor Kirhenshteinlibnxsrv and nxcore moved to VS2005 (nxcore cannot...
2008-12-29  Victor Kirhenshteinminor changes
2008-12-28  Victor Kirhenshteinall subagents moved to VS2005
2008-12-28  Victor Kirhenshteinagent added to VS2005; 64bit compilation fixes
2008-12-28  Victor Kirhenshteinlibexpat included in source tree; started migration...
2008-10-16  Victor Kirhenshteinall components with logging changed to use log function...
2008-09-01  Victor Kirhenshteinadded define for WSAEWOULDBLOCK for non-Windows platforms
2008-08-01  Victor Kirhenshteinminor fixes
2008-07-21  Victor Kirhenshteinnon-blocking sockets used in AgentConnection
2008-07-06  Alex Kirhenshteinsafe_delete_and_null added
2008-06-24  Victor Kirhenshteinadded macro UINT64X_FMT
2008-06-12  Victor KirhenshteinAdded check for libexpat, NXCP/XML part built only...
2008-01-28  Victor KirhenshteinConsole compiles on UNIX with UNICODE
2008-01-28  Victor KirhenshteinPreparation for UNICODE support on UNIX
2007-07-14  Victor KirhenshteinFixed UNIX compatibility problem
2007-07-02  Victor Kirhenshtein- New MIB added: FIBRE-CHANNEL-FE-MIB.txt
2007-04-20  Victor KirhenshteinVarious important fixes
2007-03-15  Victor KirhenshteinUser certificate validation and matching implemented
2007-02-03  Alex Kirhenshtein*** empty log message ***
2007-02-03  Alex Kirhenshteinadded typedef for HOSTENT
2006-12-19  Victor KirhenshteinECS subagent ported to Windows and netWare and added...
2006-12-18  Victor Kirhenshtein- For "component locked" errors, current lock owner...
2006-11-20  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added support for GNU Pth
2006-10-27  Victor Kirhenshtein- Changed compiler search order on HP-UX
2006-10-11  Victor KirhenshteinShared library suffix for HP-UX
2006-10-04  Alex KirhenshteinHPUX: stdarg.h added to configure/headers
2006-10-01  Victor KirhenshteinMore UNICODE fixes
2006-10-01  Victor KirhenshteinSome UNICODE-related fixes
2006-09-27  Victor KirhenshteinPreparation for process information parameters
2006-09-23  Victor KirhenshteinConsole working with UNICODE!
2006-09-21  Victor KirhenshteinFixed problems with platform subagent loading by server
2006-08-25  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2006-08-25  Alex Kirhenshteintypedef int socklen_t changed to uint
2006-08-16  Victor Kirhenshtein- Most of Net.Interface.XXX functions implemented on...
2006-08-13  Victor Kirhenshtein- Default session timeout changed to 120 seconds on...
2006-08-07  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added transaction support (not all DB drivetrs yet)
2006-07-28  Victor KirhenshteinFixed some memory leaks
2006-07-21  Victor KirhenshteinChanges related to old FreeBSD and IPSO
2006-05-21  Victor KirhenshteinAlarm Notifier almost fully implemented
2006-04-18  Victor KirhenshteinFixed compilation problems on UNIX
2006-03-03  Victor KirhenshteinMore changes related to 64bit platforms
2006-03-02  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added 64-bit build environment to some projects
2006-03-02  Victor Kirhenshteinminor changes
2006-03-02  Alex Kirhenshteinfixed __64BIT__ issue
2006-03-02  Victor KirhenshteinRemoved various warnings related to 64bit platforms
2006-03-01  Victor Kirhenshtein- Created project files for Visual C++ 2005
2006-02-23  Victor KirhenshteinFixed regex.c compilation problem
2006-02-13  Alex Kirhenshteinfixed problem w/ winsock.h/winsock2.h
2006-01-24  Victor KirhenshteinInitial support for USB devices in UPS subagent
2006-01-07  Victor KirhenshteinFixed Linux compilation problems
2005-12-30  Victor Kirhenshtein- VErsion number changed to 0.2.9-dev
2005-12-21  Alex Kirhenshtein1) nxsmcl added to configure
2005-12-12  Alex Kirhenshteinadditional defines around dirent/opendir/...
2005-11-03  Victor KirhenshteinLONG and DWORD defined correctly on 64 bit platforms
2005-10-27  Victor KirhenshteinFixed bug in retrieving log records from MS SQL
2005-10-19  Victor KirhenshteinWinCE compatibility changes
2005-10-12  Victor Kirhenshtein- MIB tree save and load implemented
2005-09-27  Victor Kirhenshtein- Built-in syslog daemon impemented
2005-09-19  Victor KirhenshteinImplemented configurable ping request size in pinger...
2005-08-24  Victor KirhenshteinAdded detection of OpenSSL version because since versio...
2005-08-09  Victor KirhenshteinAdditional checks for absent encryption protocols
2005-07-11  Victor KirhenshteinFixed incorrect handling of session key request on...
2005-07-05  Victor KirhenshteinEncryption disabled under Windows CE
2005-06-19  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added encryption foundation
2005-06-18  Victor Kirhenshtein- Version number changed to 0.2.2-dev
2005-06-08  Victor KirhenshteinFixed NetWare portability issues
2005-06-07  Victor KirhenshteinServer will not collect data from unmanaged nodes
2005-06-05  Victor Kirhenshtein- cleaned up from historical stuff
2005-05-23  Victor KirhenshteinZone objects can be seen in console
2005-04-09  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added UNICODE support to BinToStr() and StrToBin()
2005-03-17  Victor KirhenshteinWindows CE compatibility changes
2005-02-28  Victor KirhenshteinNetWare compatibility changes
2005-02-28  Victor Kirhenshtein- Version number changed to 0.1.15
2005-02-19  Victor Kirhenshtein"Last Values" view added
2005-02-14  Victor Kirhenshtein- Fixed bug in loading of NetworkService objects from...
2005-01-24  Victor KirhenshteinMAX_PARAM_NAME moved
2005-01-23  Victor Kirhenshtein- Agent's parameters now have two additional attributes...
2005-01-18  Victor KirhenshteinSetSocketReuseFlag() moved to nms_common.h
2005-01-16  Victor KirhenshteinVarious portability defines
2005-01-07  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added field "platform_name" to "nodes" table
2005-01-05  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added wrappers for new and delete from gcc2 libraries
2004-12-30  Victor KirhenshteinRelease of version 0.1.9
2004-12-29  Victor KirhenshteinLinux compatibility fixes
2004-11-29  Victor KirhenshteinParameters System.ProcessList and Process.Count(*)...
2004-11-03  Victor Kirhenshtein- net-snmp library is no longer needed for server
2004-11-03  Victor Kirhenshtein- Various improvements in libnxsnmp
2004-10-01  Victor KirhenshteinAdded basic support for template objects
2004-09-30  Alex KirhenshteinThat's one small step for a man, one giant leap for...
2004-09-30  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2004-09-30  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added Template and TemplateGroup object classes
2004-09-22  Victor KirhenshteinMany improvements in data collection configuration
2004-09-22  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2004-09-21  Victor KirhenshteinFull UNICODE support in libnetxms
2004-09-21  Alex Kirhenshteinlibnetxms changed to unicode
2004-09-09  Victor KirhenshteinBugfixes in action-related code on server
2004-08-30  Victor Kirhenshtein- Object names now checked for invalid characters when...
2004-08-20  Victor KirhenshteinUnfinished support for NetWare
2004-08-17  Victor KirhenshteinChanges for Solaris
2004-08-09  Victor KirhenshteinPortability fixes
2004-08-08  Victor Kirhenshtein- Communication code for new agent fully functional