- Added component locks
[public/netxms.git] / src / server / core / nms_events.h
2004-03-10  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added component locks
2004-02-27  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added dynamic client notification mechanism
2003-12-11  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added initial code for managing users [Victor]
2003-11-10  Victor KirhenshteinInternal watchdog added
2003-11-07  Victor KirhenshteinConfiguration poller code added (unfinished)
2003-11-03  Victor Kirhenshtein- Minor changes
2003-11-02  Victor Kirhenshtein- Status polling (only ICMP at the moment) added
2003-11-02  Victor Kirhenshtein- SleepAndCheckForShutdown() function added
2003-11-01  Victor KirhenshteinFirst version of event handling subsystem added
2003-10-23  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added simple queue implementation