Binary upgrade script fixed (MD5 verification on AIX)
[public/netxms.git] / tools / sharIt
2016-03-24  Alex KirhenshteinBinary upgrade script fixed (MD5 verification on AIX)
2008-05-13  Victor Kirhenshteinmade compatible with old FreeBSD systems
2007-06-07  Alex Kirhenshtein"skip" calculation fixed
2007-06-07  Victor KirhenshteinAdded script for .apkg files creation
2007-06-04  Alex Kirhenshteintypo
2007-06-04  Alex Kirhenshteinstub rewritten for self-extraction distros
2007-05-26  Victor KirhenshteinVarious fixes
2006-03-03  Alex Kirhenshteinnow sharIt is bash compatible
2005-06-01  Alex Kirhenshteinsolaris... userland tools... POSIX...
2005-02-23  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated scripts
2005-02-01  Alex Kirhenshteinworks on linux
2005-01-31  Alex Kirhenshteinbugfix
2005-01-31  Alex KirhenshteinsharIt: creates self-installing shell script with embed...