2006-09-04  Alex Kirhenshteinmessages.* added to extra dist
2006-09-04  Alex Kirhenshteinwill be moved to extra-dist
2006-09-04  Alex Kirhenshteintermio/termios order corrected (only HP-UX is affected?)
2006-09-04  Alex Kirhenshteinpregenerated message catalogs added
2006-09-04  Alex Kirhenshteinadditional defines required by HP-UX
2006-09-04  Alex Kirhenshteintodo updated
2006-09-04  Alex Kirhenshteinpthread detection fix for HP-UX
2006-09-04  Alex Kirhenshtein*** empty log message ***
2006-09-01  Victor KirhenshteinVersion number changed to 0.2.14-dev and issue 104...
2006-08-31  Alex Kirhenshtein"EnableProxy" added to default config file
2006-08-30  Alex KirhenshteinListenPort description added
2006-08-29  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2006-08-29  Victor KirhenshteinAdded NetWare part
2006-08-29  Victor KirhenshteinAdded info abount unattended agent installation on...
2006-08-29  Alex Kirhenshtein"-p" added to help
2006-08-28  Alex KirhenshteinWeb updated for 0.2.13-hf1
2006-08-28  Victor KirhenshteinFixed bug in console graph window
2006-08-27  Victor KirhenshteinFixed FreeBSD compilation problems
2006-08-27  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated
2006-08-27  Victor KirhenshteinFixed Linux compilation problems
2006-08-27  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added OpenSSL locks
2006-08-27  Alex Kirhenshteinsmall leak fixed
2006-08-27  Victor KirhenshteinFixed FreeBSD compilation problem
2006-08-27  Victor KirhenshteinCheck for socklen_t improved
2006-08-26  Alex Kirhenshtein"unstabled" added to "dist" target
2006-08-26  Victor KirhenshteinVersion set to 0.2.13
2006-08-26  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2006-08-26  Victor KirhenshteinSNMP trap varbinds now can be mapped to event parameter...
2006-08-26  Victor Kirhenshteinnxsnmpset improved - added possibility to specify varia...
2006-08-25  Victor KirhenshteinAdded define for _tcsstr
2006-08-25  Victor Kirhenshtein- New object tools added
2006-08-25  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2006-08-25  Victor KirhenshteinImplemented Net.InterfaceList and Net.ArpCache
2006-08-25  Alex Kirhenshtein*** empty log message ***
2006-08-25  Alex Kirhenshtein--with-unstable-subagents renamed to --enable-unstable
2006-08-25  Alex Kirhenshtein--with-unstable-subagents added, currently - logscan
2006-08-25  Alex Kirhenshteintypedef int socklen_t changed to uint
2006-08-25  Alex Kirhenshtein"unstable" subagents list added to makefile
2006-08-25  Victor KirhenshteinNew version of PowerNet-MIB
2006-08-24  Victor KirhenshteinNew object tool added: switch topology table
2006-08-24  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2006-08-24  Victor Kirhenshtein- Improved handling of interface names for Nortel switches
2006-08-24  Victor KirhenshteinNew MIB added
2006-08-24  Victor Kirhenshtein- Implemented parameter UPS.Load for BCM/XCP compatible...
2006-08-23  Victor KirhenshteinAdded database driver API version checking
2006-08-23  Victor Kirhenshtein- Implemented random secret generation in console
2006-08-23  Victor KirhenshteinAdded possibility to use alarm message text in actions...
2006-08-22  Victor KirhenshteinVersion number changed to 0.2.13-rc1
2006-08-21  Victor KirhenshteinIf db connection is lost, server now can send notificat...
2006-08-21  Victor KirhenshteinSome DBQuery() changed to QueueSQLRequest() to allow...
2006-08-21  Victor KirhenshteinRemoved unneded files
2006-08-21  Victor KirhenshteinFixed connection loss detection problem with MySQL...
2006-08-21  Victor KirhenshteinRemoved "TYPE=InnoDB" from MySQL initialization script
2006-08-21  Alex Kirhenshteinwrong argument count for DebugPrintf
2006-08-21  Victor KirhenshteinFixed problem with transaction handling in new db drive...
2006-08-20  Alex Kirhenshtein- Drv* functions switched to new scheme (error code...
2006-08-20  Victor KirhenshteinAdded debug command "SHOW QUEUES"
2006-08-20  Alex Kirhenshteincode reformatted
2006-08-20  Victor KirhenshteinODBC driver converted to new model
2006-08-20  Victor Kirhenshtein- Implemented detection of lost database connections...
2006-08-18  Victor KirhenshteinVersion number changed to 0.2.13-rc1
2006-08-18  Victor Kirhenshtein- Fixed issue 99
2006-08-18  Victor KirhenshteinDebug output improved
2006-08-18  Victor KirhenshteinTimeouts for object creation and deletion increased
2006-08-18  Victor KirhenshteinChanged handling of ipsctl data types
2006-08-17  Alex Kirhenshteinfixed gcc4 issues
2006-08-17  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2006-08-17  Victor KirhenshteinImproved handling of data returned by ipsctl_get()
2006-08-16  Victor Kirhenshtein- Most of Net.Interface.XXX functions implemented on...
2006-08-15  Victor KirhenshteinGraph zooming improved
2006-08-15  Victor KirhenshteinImplemented graph zooming with mouse
2006-08-13  Victor KirhenshteinAdded check for sysctlbyname
2006-08-13  Victor Kirhenshtein- Default session timeout changed to 120 seconds on...
2006-08-09  Victor KirhenshteinAdded detection of very old style recursive mutexes
2006-08-09  Victor Kirhenshtein- Fixed issue 47 (encryption problems if old and new...
2006-08-08  Victor KirhenshteinFixes in rwlock implementation
2006-08-08  Victor Kirhenshtein- Read/Write locks implementation moved to libnetxms
2006-08-07  Victor KirhenshteinAdded checking for pthread read/write lock implementation
2006-08-07  Victor KirhenshteinUpdated
2006-08-07  Victor KirhenshteinAdded BEGIN / COMMIT across some critical DB updates
2006-08-07  Victor KirhenshteinExplicit use of BEGIN - COMMIT - ROLLBACk changed to...
2006-08-07  Victor KirhenshteinTransaction support implemented
2006-08-07  Victor Kirhenshteindeleted
2006-08-07  Victor KirhenshteinMinor changes
2006-08-07  Victor KirhenshteinAdded checking for recursive mutexes
2006-08-07  Victor KirhenshteinFixed NetWare compilation issue
2006-08-07  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added transaction support (not all DB drivetrs yet)
2006-08-06  Victor Kirhenshtein- Both 32 and 6 bit installers works correctly
2006-08-06  Victor KirhenshteinFixed 64-bit issues
2006-08-06  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added installer for Windows x64 agent
2006-08-04  Victor KirhenshteinCentral agent configs working
2006-08-03  Victor KirhenshteinFix: integer was used instead of varchar(255)
2006-08-03  Victor Kirhenshtein- GUI part for central agent configs almost done
2006-08-02  Victor KirhenshteinServer-side code for central agent configs ready
2006-08-02  Victor KirhenshteinBug fixed: config file was not created correctly if...
2006-08-01  Victor Kirhenshtein- Server configuration wizard now able to set service...
2006-08-01  Victor Kirhenshtein- Server startup and shutdown improved to better handle...
2006-08-01  Victor Kirhenshtein- Added "Service Dependencies" page
2006-07-31  Victor KirhenshteinFixed bug in process presence detection
2006-07-31  Victor KirhenshteinAdded checking for stalled database locks