2014-12-01  Victor Kirhenshteinadded message wait queue test
2014-12-01  zevFix for non UNICODE build
2014-12-01  zevFixed non UNICODE build
2014-11-30  Alex Kirhenshteincrash fixed in EPP report
2014-11-30  Victor KirhenshteinNXCSession.connect throws IllegalStateException when...
2014-11-30  Victor KirhenshteinTuxedo subagent: added parameters for summary data...
2014-11-29  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed build errors on Windows
2014-11-29  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed time frame problem in SNMPv3 communications
2014-11-29  zevChangeLog updated
2014-11-29  zevFix for other non linux function
2014-11-29  zevFile.* should expand only for MasterServer (Bug #488)
2014-11-29  zevFixed bulds for non linux platforms
2014-11-29  zevAdded session pointer to get DCI values functions.
2014-11-28  Victor Kirhenshteinnew NXCP field type: inet address
2014-11-28  zevFix access control for monitors (Bug #689)
2014-11-26  zevfixed include
2014-11-26  zevFix for solaris system uptime
2014-11-25  Victor KirhenshteinCosmetic refactoring
2014-11-25  zevNXSL function PushData (Feature #677)
2014-11-24  Victor Kirhenshteinadded support for arrays as data collection script...
2014-11-24  zevFixed log levels and threqad jon
2014-11-22  Marco IncalcaterraAdded support for KitKat Wear and Lollipop. New support...
2014-11-22  Victor Kirhenshteinsupport for souble quotes and escape character in scrip...
2014-11-22  Victor KirhenshteinVMWare ESXi MIBs added
2014-11-22  Victor Kirhenshteinobject status icon removed from ports in port view
2014-11-22  Victor KirhenshteinMIB compiler correctly handles REFERENCE keyword in...
2014-11-22  Victor KirhenshteinHPWS driver added to server installer; next build number
2014-11-22  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed mobile agent build errors
2014-11-22  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed Linux build
2014-11-22  Victor Kirhenshteinadded missing file
2014-11-22  Victor KirhenshteinAdded driver for HP A-series and V-series switches
2014-11-22  Victor Kirhenshteinnew HP/H3C MIBs added
2014-11-22  Victor KirhenshteinRefactoring of Java NXCP related classes
2014-11-22  Victor Kirhenshteinrefactoring of NXCP-related classes and structures
2014-11-22  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed build error; fixed compilation warnings
2014-11-21  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed issue 381; added simplified NXCP message receiver...
2014-11-21  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed deadlock
2014-11-21  zevIntermidiat commit for SNMP trap proxy
2014-11-21  Victor Kirhenshteinversion updated
2014-11-21  Victor Kirhenshteinadded parameters for network service response time...
2014-11-20  Victor Kirhenshteinaccess rights for event log and syslog separated
2014-11-19  Alex Kirhenshteinconfig for nxreporting added to ignore
2014-11-19  Alex Kirhenshtein--with-static-subagents=list typo fixed
2014-11-19  Alex KirhenshteinFile case fixed
2014-11-19  Victor Kirhenshteinimplemented multi-instance ad-hoc summary tables
2014-11-18  Victor KirhenshteinCluster objects shown on status maps
2014-11-18  Alex KirhenshteinSession.findObjectById(id, class) generified
2014-11-18  Victor KirhenshteinTuxedo subagent compiles under Linux
2014-11-18  Alex KirhenshteinDefault nxreporting.xml renamed to nxreporting.sample.xml
2014-11-18  Victor KirhenshteinTuxedo subagent: added client information
2014-11-18  Victor KirhenshteinTuxedo subagent: machines monitoring added
2014-11-18  Victor KirhenshteinTuxedo subagent: added server monitoring
2014-11-18  Victor Kirhenshteinimproved table output in nxget
2014-11-17  Victor Kirhenshteintuxedo subagent: added services monitoring
2014-11-17  Victor KirhenshteinTuxedo agent: connect/disconnect improved; queue monito...
2014-11-17  Victor KirhenshteinTuxedo subagent - initial version (can monitor domain...
2014-11-15  Victor KirhenshteinNew parameters in Windows agent: System.Update.LastDete...
2014-11-14  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed issue 674
2014-11-14  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed issue 673
2014-11-14  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed issue 684
2014-11-14  Victor Kirhenshteinadded NXSL function GetNodeTemplates
2014-11-13  Victor Kirhenshteinminor fixes
2014-11-13  Victor Kirhenshteinsimplexml jar added
2014-11-13  zevFixed jar build script for linux
2014-11-13  zevAdded rights on to execute
2014-11-13  Victor KirhenshteinOracle driver: do not execute empty batch
2014-11-13  zevChangeLog update
2014-11-13  Victor Kirhenshteinminor refactoring
2014-11-13  Victor Kirhenshteinweb UI switched to client library plugin
2014-11-13  Victor KirhenshteinJava client lilbrary moved to separate directory; wrapp...
2014-11-13  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed resource leak warnings
2014-11-12  Alex Kirhenshteinpom versions updated to match meta-pom
2014-11-12  Alex KirhenshteintoString() added
2014-11-12  Alex KirhenshteinMeta-pom version changed to 2.0-SNAPSHOT
2014-11-12  Alex KirhenshteinReport list now sorted by name
2014-11-12  Victor Kirhenshteinswitched to Eclipse 3.8.2
2014-11-12  Victor KirhenshteinMS SQL driver - added support for native client 2012
2014-11-12  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed build errors
2014-11-12  Victor KirhenshteinCode page option added to all client command line tools...
2014-11-12  Victor Kirhenshteinnxzlib.dll added to agent installer
2014-11-12  Victor KirhenshteinOracle subagent: added parameter Oracle.CriticalStats...
2014-11-11  Victor Kirhenshteinversion number changed to 2.0-M1 (again)
2014-11-11  Victor Kirhenshteinadded language files for German localization
2014-11-11  Victor Kirhenshteinpartially externalized strings in reported plugin
2014-11-11  Victor Kirhenshteinexternalized strings in plugins BXSL, OSM, and ObjectTools
2014-11-11  Victor Kirhenshteinexternalized strings in network map plugin
2014-11-11  Victor Kirhenshteinexternalized strings in PerfView and ObjectView plugins
2014-11-11  Victor Kirhenshteinexternalized strings in object manager plugin; other...
2014-11-11  Victor Kirhenshteinexternalized strings in image library, topology, and...
2014-11-11  Victor Kirhenshteinexternalized strings in file manager plugin
2014-11-10  Victor Kirhenshteinimplemented ad-hoc summary tables with aggregation...
2014-11-10  Victor KirhenshteinOracle driver: statement caching enabled again
2014-11-09  Victor KirhenshteinAPI call for ad-hoc summary tables
2014-11-09  Victor Kirhenshteinreporting plugin: added clear selection button to objec...
2014-11-09  Victor Kirhenshteinnew reporting form control - severity list
2014-11-09  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed build error
2014-11-07  Victor Kirhenshteinexternalized strings
2014-11-07  Victor Kirhenshteinexternalized strings
2014-11-07  Victor Kirhenshteinexternalized strings
2014-11-07  Victor Kirhenshteincode refactoring