2012-12-30  Marco IncalcaterraProtection for potentially null ptr problems
2012-12-28  Victor Kirhenshteinlatest changes from RCP console
2012-12-28  Victor Kirhenshteinalarm details view improved (added source column to...
2012-12-28  Victor Kirhenshteinnew event SYS_NODE_UNREACHABLE; node unreachable becaus...
2012-12-28  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed bug in node's primary IP address change
2012-12-27  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed issue 178
2012-12-27  Victor Kirhenshteinminor changes
2012-12-26  Victor Kirhenshteinlatest changes from RCP console
2012-12-26  Victor Kirhenshteintextual convention saved in compiled MIB file and shown...
2012-12-25  Victor Kirhenshteinminor fixes
2012-12-24  Victor Kirhenshteinimplemented agent trap handling for nodes in zones...
2012-12-21  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed some compilation warniongs
2012-12-19  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed multiple "no context available" errors in web ui
2012-12-19  Victor Kirhenshteinfixes in DB upgrade
2012-12-19  Victor Kirhenshteintable "deleted_objects" removed; added index on root...
2012-12-18  Alex KirhenshteinFixed deployment script for AIX
2012-12-18  Victor KirhenshteinRAP console: latest changes from RCP console; minor...
2012-12-17  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed bug in internal DCI handling
2012-12-17  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed race condition when executing script from server...
2012-12-16  Victor Kirhenshteinnumber of events selected from alarm history limited...
2012-12-16  Victor Kirhenshtein"alarm details" view mostly working; event history...
2012-12-15  Victor Kirhenshteinalarm detaild view: intermediate commit
2012-12-14  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed Linux build errors
2012-12-14  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed bug with missing title in BIRT charts in web...
2012-12-13  Victor Kirhenshteinswitched to RAP 2.0 M3
2012-12-13  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed bug with chart title being always visible in...
2012-12-13  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed bug in System.ActiveUserSessions list handler...
2012-12-13  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed crash in serial code; code refactoring
2012-12-12  Alex KirhenshteinImageLibrary loading sligtly improved
2012-12-12  Alex KirhenshteinOptional third parameter added to EnumerateClientSessio...
2012-12-10  Victor Kirhenshteinlatest changes from RCP console
2012-12-10  Victor Kirhenshteinminor improvements
2012-12-10  Victor Kirhenshteinadded method getJobCount to Node and ServerJobQueue...
2012-12-10  Victor Kirhenshteinminor fixes
2012-12-10  Victor Kirhenshteinminor fix
2012-12-09  Victor Kirhenshteinlatest changes from RCP console
2012-12-09  Victor Kirhenshteinimplemented mobile agent status reports
2012-12-09  Marco IncalcaterraFixed bug in updating pending alarms on changing layout.
2012-12-09  Marco IncalcaterraAdded hourglass to long-time operations (dashboards...
2012-12-08  Victor Kirhenshteinserver-side communication code for mobile devices mostl...
2012-12-07  Victor Kirhenshteinlatest changes from RCP console
2012-12-07  Victor Kirhenshteinadded support for mobile device class in UI; added...
2012-12-07  Marco Incalcaterra(no commit message)
2012-12-07  Marco IncalcaterraFixed bug in handling binary multiplier, fixed bug...
2012-12-07  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed linker error on some Linux distros
2012-12-06  Victor Kirhenshteinmobile device class added to client API
2012-12-06  Victor Kirhenshteinimplemented save/load and create for mobile device...
2012-12-06  Victor Kirhenshteincode refactoring
2012-12-06  Victor Kirhenshteinmobile device clasds partially implemented
2012-12-06  Victor Kirhenshteinnew NXSL error codes for use by StrongHold 4
2012-12-05  Victor Kirhenshteinunfinished support for mobile device objects in server...
2012-12-05  Victor Kirhenshteinmobile agent jar included into build
2012-12-05  Victor Kirhenshteincode refactoring
2012-12-05  Victor Kirhenshteininitial version of mobile agent connector; code refactoring
2012-12-05  Victor Kirhenshteincode refactoring
2012-12-04  Victor Kirhenshteinlatest changes from RCP console
2012-12-03  Victor Kirhenshteinimplemented feature 47 - DCI creation from MIB explorer
2012-12-02  Marco IncalcaterraFixed bug #189, #192
2012-11-30  Alex Kirhenshteinfixed compilation warnings on Solaris
2012-11-30  Victor Kirhenshteinadded option enable-werror
2012-11-30  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed errors in NXSL parser (incorrect parsing of hex...
2012-11-28  Alex Kirhenshteinnew server config parameter: MailBase64Subjects. When...
2012-11-28  Alex KirhenshteinScripted custom schedule: %[script_name] can be used...
2012-11-28  Alex KirhenshteinMore SIGFPE fixes in custom scheduler
2012-11-28  Alex KirhenshteinFixed: SIGFPE if custom schedule have non-digit in...
2012-11-28  Victor Kirhenshteincode refactoring
2012-11-27  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed Linux build errors
2012-11-27  Victor Kirhenshteinembeddable application agent - initial version
2012-11-26  Victor Kirhenshteinmilleseconds added to printed log timestamp
2012-11-26  Victor Kirhenshteinchanged trace levels
2012-11-26  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed issue 186
2012-11-25  Victor Kirhenshteinimproved topology-based event correlation
2012-11-21  Victor Kirhenshteinadditional debug output in DBBind; other minor changes
2012-11-18  Victor Kirhenshteinwebui: latest changes from RCP console; fixed (?) probl...
2012-11-17  Alex KirhenshteinA bit more code for System.CPU.Usage.* (still not working)
2012-11-17  Alex KirhenshteinSkeleton for System.CPU.Usage.* parameters
2012-11-16  Alex KirhenshteinFileSystem.* added
2012-11-16  Alex Kirhenshteina
2012-11-16  Alex Kirhenshteinrenamed to sane script name
2012-11-16  Alex Kirhenshteinresulting dmg removed prior to generation
2012-11-15  Victor Kirhenshteinnew dashboard element - "separator"; added automatic...
2012-11-15  Alex Kirhenshteintypo
2012-11-15  Victor Kirhenshteinadditional debug output
2012-11-15  Victor Kirhenshteinlatest changes from RCP console
2012-11-15  Marco Incalcaterra(no commit message)
2012-11-15  Marco IncalcaterraCosmetic changes
2012-11-15  Victor Kirhenshteincosmetic changes
2012-11-13  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed issue 23 (automatically select correct ODBC drive...
2012-11-13  Victor Kirhenshteinminor changes
2012-11-12  Victor Kirhenshteinlatest changes from RCP console
2012-11-12  Victor KirhenshteinMultiple DCIs can be combined on one graph on "Performa...
2012-11-12  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed issues 162 and 163
2012-11-11  Victor Kirhenshteinadded T suffix for scaled values
2012-11-11  Victor Kirhenshteinadded T suffix for scaled values
2012-11-11  Victor Kirhenshteinlatest changes from RCP console
2012-11-11  Victor Kirhenshteinobject browser and object details view save selection...
2012-11-11  Victor Kirhenshteinfixed server deadlock on map update
2012-11-09  Victor Kirhenshteininitial version of map resize algorithm to avoid object...
2012-11-05  Victor Kirhenshteinlatest changes from RCP console
2012-11-05  Victor Kirhenshteinarea charts implemented